Sunday, November 28, 2010

change of winds

So Ive been thinking....
while I am very sorry that I hurt someones feelings, cause as stated before, that is NOT the intention of my rantings,  I am also thinking....if you HAVE been reading my blog, then you have been doing it secretly and I have to wonder why?
Anyways, that is what I have been thinking for a few days now. 
So it is obvious to me, that my world will be changing.
I thought about just quitting all together, but I have put alot of myself into this blog for the past year, and it upsets me  to just walk away from it.   I suppose I could just watch what I say, but that would not be therapeutic for me, and that is why I blog........
Maybe I will pull up roots, and replant myself elsewhere. I hope all y'all have emails where I could reach you....just in case i do decide to go "incognito"
Maybe I will do some kind of invitation only deal?? 
Hey  K.W.  you are the computer whiz,  please tell me...would it be a pain in the ass to go private?
I am enabling the comment moderator thingy....maybe my faithfuls could leave me their email addresses....just in case I do plant my roots elsewhere,   that way I could invite you along....dont worry,  I will not post anyones email address.


  1. I think you should do whatever makes you comfortable. Thing is, your blog is not difficult to find for your coworkers. If they take it to heart they either A) need to get over it or B)...use your blog as a reflection of how others might see them on the outside..its not like you lie, you have very accurate perceptions. .and modify their behavior if they wish to change perceptions. I'll tell you, after having the baby...that is one thing I have learned..she IS my mirror so I have had to modify my behavior because I see the good and the bad reflected in her. April

  2. April..........I would love your email address!! I tried the last email address I had for you, and it bounced back.


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