Friday, March 25, 2011

Fridays Five returns.

Happy Friday.

Years ago....when I first started this blog (well, it SEEMS like years ago) I did this thing "Fridays Five" where I would either list 5 good things, 5 things I was thankful for, or 5 things that I disliked, or pissed me get the idea.... but these days, im so all over the place, that I dont think I could list five things that fit in one of those titles.... But I will try....

Todays Friday Five
(I think will be things I dont like)
1. I am wearing a shirt that I am pretty sure I wore to the gym, didnt wash, and somehow shoved it back in the drawer.
I throw stuff on top of my dresser....when in a hurry undressing, the dresser is closer than  the hamper, when the laundry is folded, it sometimes ends up on top of the dresser....cause sometimes Im just too lazy to put the stuff away...............hence the very possible mix up.....
(it has the gym stench, and well, Im not driving all the way back home to change, besides, if the giggler can show up in her pajamas on a daily basis, why cant I show up in stinky gym shirt once in a lifetime??)

2.  UMM...I only have the one....I guess a picture with one finger woulda been more appropriate, but at the same time, completely inappropriate.  

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I too have accidentally worn a shirt that was dirty. It's not the most fun I've ever had, but like you said, there are people out there wearing pajamas, so at least you're wearing "day time" clothes. :)

  2. PJ's? To work? Seriously? Some people have no friggin clue....

    And thanks for your comment today - yes, I'd love to let the pieces fall where they may....and most of the time I do - but not here. These two issues are too important.

  3. It's the weekend! Go enjoy yourself!

  4. Forget the shirt, its the weekend! GET NAKED!!!!


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