Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Hair and My Life

Ive been gone a while.
I am sorry for that.
Theres been alot going on, and then at the same time, theres been nothing going on. (funny how that is even possible)
And Im sorry to say, that I make my return with this post.....

because I gotta ease my way back into my world.

Oh - update: the whole issue with the person invading my world has been resolved (sort of) so from this moment on, Im gonna be as honest as I once was. No word mincing....because that is when I enjoyed blogging the best....was when I wasnt afraid to say what I wanted.

Now to the post:

I have always had this "odd" habit. I really wasnt the one to notice it.  My best friend was.
She said to me" uh oh, whats wrong?" and I said "nothing, why?" and she answered: "you changed your hair"
Its true. My hair pretty much dictates whats going on in my life.
When I first discovered I was pregnant with my daughter, I got a perm.
When I kicked baby daddy to the curb, I cut my hair
When I hooked up with the next boyfriend (who would later become "the vic" or to those of you who havent kept up, or just forgot due to the long assed absence, "the hubby") I dyed my hair RED
When we broke up, I went brown again,
When I hooked up with the next boyfriend, I dyed my hair black.
When we broke up, I had to strip my hair (cause its true! once you go black, you cant really go back)
added highlights, and went brownish red.
When I got married, I chopped all my hair off!  (there was alot of damage due to all the changes)
I have since been blonde, highlighted, streaked, reddish pink, black on and so forth,
and each and every change has been timed with some sort of major change in my life.

Which brings me to today: I am contemplating another change in hair.....which means that I am looking for a change in my life.

I just havent really decided yet, do I want just a trim, a full on cut.....a different color......
and the changes Im looking to make in my life, could also be classified the same, just a trim, full on cut...or a whole new color altogether......

Hope that was worth the wait (said with sarcasm) Dont worry Ill be back in rare form ASAP.

Oh and P.S.... I will be removing the comment mediator thing, so dont comment with anything that you dont want posted all over blogland : )


  1. Nice to see you back! I love that you change your hair as life does!

  2. i rearrange rearrange stuff when i need a change. my husband hates it, because he's come home before with all the dishes in an entirely different spot then they were in when he left for work. i think it's cathartic. ;)

  3. I hear ya! Used to be, the hair was the first thing to change. Now, there's more ending up in the floor, than left on my head. Not many options, now, I just keep them (the two that are hanging in there) in a ponytail! Heck, I don't get out much, anyway.

  4. And that's how it goes with always know something is going on when they change their hair.

    Unless it's me. Because, apparently, I change my hair all the time and don't even realize it.

    Either that, or I have a bunch of stuff going on and (subconsciously) don't want to realize it.

  5. Glad your back! I took a long break from blogging and just came back too. I have changed my blog to better fit my life now and my new outlook on it. When I need a change, I don some thing just for me. Which is rare. My sister changes her hair like you :)


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