Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My struggle.....

Hello folks....
I have alot to say and at the same time I have nothing of any real value to say.
I could complain about how unhappy I am, but Im pretty tired of that song....its been overplayed....quite a bit.

The hubby and I are on the same track, headed for a collision. I have certain goals that I would like for us to achieve, and him on the other hand, well, he's just not on board. I want to move. I dont need to move tomorrow, or even next year.....MY goal is to pay off our bills, save some money, and start looking for other dwellings.....in that order....... HE wants to live in that hovel forever. Sure, he talks a good game about wanting to move, but when it comes to the necessary sacrifices to do it........
So, I am thinking of taking the Lucy Ricardo approach.......where I stop putting things away, and make life as miserable for him as possible. Bring in a few chickens, stash my bestfriend in a pair of overalls hanging on a clothesline in the middle of the living room.......or perhaps, I could just start storing fish in the bathtub??

Maybe if I stopped making room for everything, then he wouldnt be so comfy there........


  1. The one thing I have learned from my time here on earth....most men HATE change. Period. And that is what is holding him back.

  2. My husband isn't a big fan of change either, though he's done quite well lately. I wish you luck.

    Maybe if you put a mackerel in his underwear drawer?

  3. Maybe he doesn't want to risk change. Progress involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first.


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