Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am on a slippery slope from awful to despicable

The father in law has not yet had his hip surgery...what they are waiting for, I have no idea.
I did talk with the hubby.....more like talked at the hubby. At first I thought I would just have a little patience, sit back and see how it all plays know, just in case I am over worrying about things that wont happen.....but being one who dosnt have ANY patience..EVER, I figured to just get it out and over with now. I walked right up to him and said "your father will need care when he gets released, he cannot come here. I hope his insurance will be covering his medical bills, because we cannot" and I walked away before I started nagging, and before he could reply how heartless I was.
Either the stress of the situation showed on my face, or the fact that I didnt yell, nag, or even argue...something told him how firm I was on the entire least for now, he agrees. He also agrees that his father probably fell while he was drunk, even though his father says he "just missed a step" he also conceded to the sad fact that his father will die a drunk. Not a victory per say, however, at least I know that HE KNOWS.
My hubby has informed me that the reason he is "stepping up" in all this, is because his two brothers will not. They have no intention of visiting, dont want to be bothered with the details, nor will they be helping out later....I dont blame them, really I dont....but I am pissed as all hell that he is now our problem. The hospital has my hubbys number, so it is him that they call, and in his own words "whats he supposed to do when they call?"


  1. What you did was a step in the right direction. Upfront and honest. *applause

  2. Although it will be hard, stand firm!


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