Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How do you appropriately title this?

Ive been going back and forth on this post.

I start it, then I delete it.

Putting it in words makes it real.

But Im getting angry now. I need to talk about it, and I need to vent about it. I need to let some of it go. I am telling you now, its probably going to be long winded, but its going to be my therapy.  I need to let it out.

As you probably remember from previous posts, I am no longer with the guy who donated sperm to help me create my children. When I left him, I basically had to walk away from the entire family. There was one member that I did keep in touch with. She was a wife of my sperm donors brother.
She (ex-sister-in-law,) has a daughter (ex-niece) about the same age as my son. Ex-niece has a baby boy.
He is the 3 month old baby that I mentioned in my last post.

Last Friday, I had a wonderful morning. I get to work, and I check on my facebook page and I notice an odd comment from the ex-niece.
So I send my ex-sister-in-law a text, asking if the baby was ok. The response I got was sickening. 
The baby is in the hospital.
I cant even put into words.........
The man who was supposed to love this baby more than anything in the world was hurting him.
He shook this baby into a coma.
Folks, it goes down hill from here.
I have a few friends who I know pray on a regular basis. So I immediately do what I would want done for me...................I send out the S.O.S. for prayer.
Then I got another text from ex-sister-in-law, they are calling in forensics.
This isnt the first shaking.
How can this be?? How did this happen? How did they not know??
So many questions .
Turns out, that this jerk is the one watching the baby while she is at work.
To their faces, he is a wonderful father.
(OGRE) .
NO ONE suspected anything wrong. I met him, thought he was a nice guy... he seemed to be a loving father. Hugging and kissing him..............
And the baby never cried.
I finally have an actual conversation with ex-sister-in-law.
The doctors are preparing them for the worst. 
I am leaving out alot. (not really my details to share)
What goes through the mind of a monster like this?
How are my "exes" ever going to be able to live with themselves?? They didnt know. How could they?? Even the doctors who examined this kid didnt see it. 
Until it was too late.
Until the kid was in a coma with seven broken ribs. 
I feel such despair for them.
Right now, they are completely focused on getting this baby better, but I know that after, they will have so many other emotions to deal with, and my heart breaks for them.
I am so angry, sad, hurt, confused. But still we all remain hopeful for this baby's recovery.
If you pray, then I ask that you plead with me.
In case you were wondering, the animal that did this is behind bars.  I hope that all the other primates in there take turns on him.


  1. I think I'm going to vomit, but, believe me... I can pray while vomiting. Jail, or even prison, is much too kind for monsters like him. Firing squad is much more appropriate. Bullets in every gun! Or, hanging!

    God bless this baby and the people that love him. Please, Lord, give them strength.

  2. Oh my God!! I am so sorry to hear this!!!

    Ms. A is soooo right, prison is too good for this man.

    Praying so hard for that poor, sweet, innocent, little guy right now.

  3. oh goodness. *heartbreak* your ex-family will definitely be in my thoughts. :(


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