Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Self Portraits

So I joined this Flikr group, thinking that it would "inspire my creative side" 

Its called 365 days.  You are supposed to submit one self portrait every day.  The rule is you are supposed to set the shot up, basically do it all yourself. 

After looking at some of the shots people have taken, I thought it would be a piece of cake, some of the shots are friggin awesome!!!!

In the past 30 days,  I have submitted 11.  11!!!  and out of those 11, I am probably only willing to take credit for 3.  My creative juices??? They aint flowing.

So, I come to you my world any ideas for a self portrait?????


  1. flared nostrils always worked for me.

  2. i'm allergic to self portraits, so i'm the one who would 365 daus of hiding behind something. ;) plus my camera is in the shop for the next 2-4 weeks (*sob*) so i'm intentionally turning my creative juices off.

  3. Bama Trav, my next one will involve flared nostrils...and Nobodys Nothings, I am so sorry for your temporary loss. Perhaps you could sketch, paint, or play Words with Friends....

  4. what about a silhouette?? a bright light behind your head should do the trick ;D

  5. No ideas from me. I spend my time hiding when cameras are in my vicinity.


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