Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DAMN THE IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets take a trip back into the past......
Its early summer, and Verizon has started selling the Iphone.
My husband had an erection for one.  Its all he talked about....
So when our next upgrade became available..................(MY UPGRADE) into the store we went.
I had a Droid, and the hubby had a Droid X.  He got the last upgrade.  So IT WAS MY TURN!!!
I looked at the phones, but I didnt see anything that really tickled my fancy, so I decided to get a newer version of the phone I already had.
The hubby thought that was an awful idea. "What a waste of an upgrade!!" 
He tried talking me into getting an Iphone.
I dont like the Iphone....
(I did consider it for a second though, cause I knew how much it would irk him if I got the phone he wanted.)
But,  I dont like the Iphone.
I like my Droid,  so being the nice wifey I am....I give him my upgrade.  And whats worse,  I allowed him to talk me into getting rid of my phone and taking over his Droid X.  "cause its newer and faster"
Well I should have known. 
He dosnt like his new Iphone, and I dont like his  Droid X.
My consolation???  The next upgrade was/is October....so I researched, and decided Im gonna get the new Bionic........
Im excited!!
I cannot wait!!!
I am stashing money so that I can pay for it.........................
And mid-blog about vampires,  he calls and tells me that our next upgrade is not due until 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The iPhone *looks* cool but I think it would irritate the ever living life out of me. I'll stick to my Blackberry.

  2. I'm way overdue for an upgrade and I don't want to have to learn how to use a new phone. Hubby NEEDS a new one, is also overdue and feels the same way. I guess as long as ours make calls, we're good.

  3. I had a BlackBerry but I had problems with it and now have an iPhone. Though to be honest, my phone is a work phone so I don't pay for it. If I was getting a phone for myself, I think I'd get an android.


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