Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fried Pig

Last night,  I actually wrote - WROTE with a pen and paper,  a post about cops.
My very first boyfriend made a comment about police on Facebook, and it wasnt a nice comment.
So it got me to thinking.....and that got me to writing.....a post in defense of cops,  cause when I was with the sperm donor,  I made use of them several times....and always,  they were good men.  

I know several cops, and I can say that they too are good men.......but after a couple of handwritten pages, I fell asleep and when I woke this morning,  I decided against the post.....
But I just had to share the title........
Wait for it.........................


anyways,  its raining here in So. Cal. 
So what??
Well,  its a big deal for us So. Californians.....
When it rains, people become idiots!!
I love the rain.  I wish I could go out for a walk in the rain.........anyone want to join me??


  1. i'd love to join you for a walk in the rain, but around here it usually means your brain will get split by lightening right before you get taken away by a tornado.

  2. With the drought we've been enduring, rain would be a blessing. In the amount of time we've been dealing with the drought, we would normally have been flooded several times. Feast or famine.

    Enjoy the rain!


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