Friday, October 28, 2011

Im so disgusting.

Its Halloween and there is candy everywhere.
Not to mention that I went out and bought one of those supersized candy bags filled with miniatures of my favorites.....

 I keep it hidden in my drawer so I dont have to share.

Did I mention Im diabetic, and I shouldnt eat this shit??
Do you see this?.....................

This is my trash can at work,  that got emptied last night....

Take a closer look........................

yup,  those are nothing but candy wrappers.

That my friends is the carnage that I have created in just the last three hours.....
Did I mention that I just took an early lunch so that I could go to the pharmacy to refill my needles, and testing strips???

What would possess sickos me to go, spend a small fortune on things that are meant to keep me in check, and when I return, I go straight for the Kit Kat???????

Seriously,  are there any mental health care professionals reading this???

No lie,  I feel like a druggie.
I have absolutely NO self control...whats worse is I go out of my way to get  this shit.
I used to joke that I was addicted to chocolate,  but now,  Im almost scared that maybe I am.....why cant I control myself??
Is it the cheap thrill I get when I open the candy wrapper,  or the feeling of euphoria when the chocolate starts to melt in my mouth??? NOPE!! cause I dont let it melt.........i bite and chew as if its going to jump out of my mouth and run away!!!!!!!!!!!
So seriously,  anyone with any psychology knowledge.........tell me my problem,  then tell me how to fix it!!!~
Or maybe, Im just celebrating National Chocolate Day....cause after all,

Yeah,  Ill just run with that whats my excuse for tomorrow??


  1. Hey - you shouldn't eat candy. It's been known to give women HUGE BREASTS....

    AWW, DAMNIT !!! I'M TOO LATE !!!

  2. i'm right there with you. i can't control myself when that shit is around my house. once, for my son's 6th birthday i bought him some chocolate Little Debbie snack cakes to take to school. wellllll.... we had to get another box on the morning of his birthday, because between the time i bought them and his party, i singlehandedly consumed an entire box. (ps- i bought them the day before his party!)

  3. Apparently it has been scientifically proven that eating chocolate releases some chemical in your brain that causes a natural high, and there is a similarity between this and the feeling we get after sex.

    I don't know about that though, I've never seen a man eat a bar of chocolate and fall asleep two minutes later.

  4. Chocolate is soothing, mentally. I can always use soothing. Also, chocolate is THE ONLY good thing about Halloween... therefore, "Happy Chocolate!"

  5. The comparison of chocolate to sex is right on. To me it's only given out once a year and I have to put a mask on and beg for it.

  6. I absolutely cannot give you hell for this because I have no self-control with chocolate or sugar-y treats either. I once ate two rows of cookies from the box.


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