Monday, October 10, 2011

Love is a Battlefield

This weekend was filled with unfulfilled plans, and lots of  mean words.

I  have been trying to get to an Oktoberfest. 
Ive never been to one, and I've been wanting  to go.  So low and behold,  turns out that they were having a fullblown Oktoberfest at Downtown Disney!!
Close to home,  and we have a parking pass!!
Viola!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm gonna go!!
Then the hubby comes up with all kinds of excuses why he aint going,  so I text a friend, who says she'd go, but I have to drive.
Well,  I opened the hood of my not so new car, and showed the husband how badly my battery needs cleaning!!  I told him that it was lagging a little at start up..and I didnt want to go anywhere while it was like that.
How easy is that??  I told him the problem, gave him the solution,  all he had to friggin do was do it!!~!!
He didnt do it, so I didnt go.. 
I aint bringing the battery up again,  but I hope and  I PRAY that he is with me when it decides to not start up.

Then as if that wasnt enough,  he had the nerve to complain about the way I made my beans.
Im Mexican.  I dont know if you guys know this, but I am.
He is Colombian.
 We eat beans in a different way!!
I like them fried in bacon grease, smashed to a liquid state, and covered in cheese.

He likes them whole, and right out of the pot.

Well,  just like he "cleaned my battery cables"  I left the beans whole!

I made a huge pot of beans,  and I took my motor boat stick blender out, and I friggen blended the hell out of my beans!!!
Dont mess with the mexican cook!!!
If you dont like mexican food, you shouldnta married a mexican woman!!!!
AND, if you aint the one cooking, then shut the fuck up and eat what you are served, or you will be eating shit until I decide to feed you again.

So out of anger, he says something mean and awful to my kid.

My kid tells me how much he loves his mexican beans, and the assholes husband replies with:

"I was better off when you lived over there"


I dont think I even cared enough to argue anymore,  because I didnt argue with him,  I didnt even yell at him,  I simply replied to him like this:
"hey, ASSHOLE,  Im going to say that EXACT statement when your mother steps off her plane!!!"


Now we all know,........
1.  thats childish of me. Its not her fault,
2.  it wont sit well with ANY of his family
3. it will hurt her feelings very much
4.  it will piss the hubby off beyond all comprehension
5.  He will see EXACTLY how it feels to sit and listen to your spouse talk shit to your family member.

Lets see how that floats his boat.

Im done fighting fair!!!!!!!


  1. oooh, never mess with a woman's cooking or her children. the ASS deserves whatever you decide to dish out.

  2. I don't do much cooking anymore, but NOBODY messes with my kids, even if they are grown!

  3. Hellyeah, Son is 25 but I'd still rip the face off anyone who upsets him.

    ps..I LOVE mexican food, I'm addicted to Chipotle and it was a fellow blogger told me about that - lemme know if you posy any recipes lol.

  4. *post

    fucking stupid long fake nails

  5. Oh hell no - if he's not doing the cooking, then keep it shut.


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