Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not my usual post.....

These are all pictures I took at Disneyland.  They are things that I wouldnt exactly expect to see there.....
Except for maybe the river boat....This snake is while you wait in line for Indiana Jones
 SSSSSSssssssneaky SSssssssnake

hmmmm, wonder if they gamble on that there boat?????????????????

 This goat is on Thunder Mountain.....I'm sure youve heard of was in the news several years ago, for killing someone because it wasnt properly maintained?? (the ride, not the goat)
(shakes head in disbelief....Oh Mr. Disney, what was your staff thinking?) 
I really liked this lantern.  I saw it, and in my head, I saw a picture. Yeah, yeah, I have issues.
 as pretty as the waterfalls are at Disneyland,  all the water there has this SMELL.  Its a smell that can only be found  at Disneyland.....not sure if thats a good thing.......I guess as long as I dont try to shower in the waterfalls, I should be ok.
I really like these pictures.  The landscaping at Disneyland is absolutely perfect.  If I was a bee,  Id live there too.  There is NEVER  a weed, or leaf out of place 

This flower is pretty....wonder what it is???
 awwww, so pretty

  Only, If I was a bee living here, Id live on this red flower and not on the yellow that I would stand out more

oooh, pretty butterflies..........ok, so its a damn moth....cant you let me pretend for just five seconds??
This guy scared the SHIT out of me,  I looked and there he was.......looking right back.....I know......stupid right......that something 1/100 of my size and I actually was SCARED of it.
But then he did me the favor of looking if I was of absolutely no importance to him.

gotta admit it,  I was lucky to have seen him.
Well,  I hope you enjoyed my pictures.....I will be back to my normal crap talking tomorrow.


  1. I love that you went to Disneyland and took nature pictures and not mickey fucking mouse.

    I had a pet stick insect when I was a kid, fascinating creatures.
    Well he wasn't so much a pet, more of a prisoner really.

  2. Great pictures! But yeah, that insect staring at you is kinda freaky!

    LOL @DirtyCowGirl! "More of a prisoner really." Totally made my day!

  3. That praying mantis looks almost prehistoric! Love ALL your photos!!!

  4. It's a small world, after all.

  5. Those pictures are cool. Love the river boat!


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