Monday, October 17, 2011


So yesterday,  started off nicely.  My son took me to a champagne brunch,  just he and I.
Then we went shopping, where I bought a couple of christmas presents....yes,  I am FINALLY gonna do it instead of just saying it,  Im  shopping early!!

Then we came home,  and I did some laundry.....and somewhere in all this,  I decided that I wanted to get my nails done...HAD to get my nails done..............but I was broke,  due to all the shopping I had just done. 

So I asked the hubby for $80 so I could take the daughter too.  

He said no.
I did not like that answer, so I reminded him how I have to dye my own hair!!
Oh the HUMANITY!!!
Again he said no......
Well, again, I did not like that answer.......and add in the previously consumed champagne,  and the few Coronas I had knocked back,  and the stupid little matter became a knock down drag out fight....

Me,  being the witty little bitch  that you have all come to know and love hit below the belt on facebook like this:
"WANTED: ONE SUGAR DADDY,  will work off all debts on knees, back and stomach.." (yes,  I sure as heck did!)
(ha,  you can only imagine the amount of private messages I got in response to that.
I think I may have given my cell number to someone I probably shouldnt have given it to.Okay, I dont think....I know... but thankfully its someone who will never use it)

He didnt see my post, cause he dont have a facebook, but I felt better after posting it.

He eventually gave in and offered the money,  (and I quote "anything for you to shut the f up!!!")
but by then, I was beyond all reason, and I told him to shove the money up his ass.....among other things.....

Ive come to the conclusion that perhaps Im a bit spoiled.  

If I dont get my way,  then I throw a tantrum and whatever else is near my reach....cause yes, in this knock down drag out fight,  I THREW SHIT!!!  Not at anyone,  just across the room.....come on now,  Im not THAT crazy.
Im not proud of my behavior last night.....yup,  it went on through the day til around 8:00 when I got in my car and drove to the supermarket.....not to get out of  my car or anything,  but just to be somewhere other than the I pulled in the parking lot, parked under a light  (safety and all) turned the car off and contemplated my behavior......I decided that perhaps I was behaving irrationally and I should probably go home, and nip this in the bud, before he starts packing his shit..............

and karma being the big bitch that she is...................

Remember that dirty battery I had mentioned a few posts ago????............

Yep,  The car would not start!!! 

I was stranded at the friggen Albertsons!!!!
I had to call him with my tail between my legs, and ask him to come rescue me!!  Luckily hes a better person than I was, cause I woulda left him there

I think there may be a lesson in there.


  1. Hahaha

    And I thought I was a catalogue of calamities.

  2. I think we've all done it before - blown something out of proportion. I know I have.

  3. Don't you just HATE when that happens!


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