Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Speaking of webs.............

Just exactly HOW MANY spiders live at my hovel???  This is what I woke up to this morning......
Thank God, I havent found any in my house.....

Especially this guy........
Cause he/she is massive!!!!!
The thought of having to step on this is just disgusting,  I can hear the crunch and feel the squish........and I aint gonna do it.....
Hopefully, this spider is named Charlotte, and will start spelling words into that massive web!


  1. I have nasty ass spiders IN my widows in the garage..catch one a night at least. Wolf spiders in the house...killed one the size of a quarter just last night in my bedroom. Of course, that doesn't include the one the size of a tea cup saucer i found crawling on the outside of my house..eyes so big i got eyeshine when i caught it with my flash!! That one was so shocking even to me I posted it on facebook!

  2. I killed a wolf spider in my house the other day, when I did, there were dozens of little babys that started scattering, they were on her back riding. RAID!!!!!!

  3. Good grief, are all those white patches, spider webs? That's a lot of webs!!!

  4. How do you know they haven't made their way indoors...dum-dum-dum Duuuum!!

  5. I've got about 4 of those living in my back yard. I hit a couple with the weed eater. Makes ONE HELL OF A MESS.


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