Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello people,

sorry about the delay.......They actually expected me to work this week!!!

Damn Horny Horses!!!!

Here are my answers to your questions..............

Kimberly said: Why does pizza come in a round box??

My pizza does not come in a round box, my pizza  comes in a square box, and Im not sure that its a box anymore if its round??

And I have prayed for UB, and will continue to do so,  Please keep me updated.

Heff said: Why does it hurt when I pee?

Im gonna say it has ALOT to do with that shitty Milwaukee's Best.

Ms. A said:  Your a brave girl. 

I like to think so.

Barfly said:  Why is it ok for kids to like Donald Duck?  I dont know bout you, but if my neighbor wore a sailor's suit with no pants and had three "nephews" constantly visiting, I'd be a little suspicious.

I will answer your question with another question.....why was it ok for parents to continue sending kids to Michael Jacksons Neverland.....AFTER he had been accused of molesting  little boys??  Barfly,  some people are just plain stupid!!  Besides,  Donald is just way too grouchy to even try and lure boys into his pond...if you know what Im saying.

Nixabn said:  Have you ever snorted film cleaning solution off the small of Ru Pauls back:

Sadly,  I have not yet been presented with the opportunity, however I will try anything once.

Gigi said:  What was your inspiration to start blogging: and what keeps you at it?

My sister had a blog, and I wanted what she had!!!  And I do like to write...I thought that by blogging,  I would have somewhere to go, vent, and write.

I keep blogging cause some of these commenters CRACK ME UP!!  and I like the attention of strangers.

Nixabn said: OK, have you ever had a threeway? If so, with who? were midgets involved? Should I make plane reservations?

Ha!!! that is extremely funny  that you would ask that question, because I have been propositioned for a three-way,  a few times as a matter of, I did not participate, because the offer came from the same couple every single time, (they couldnt take a hint)  and while the guy was not a midget per say,   he was FREAKISHLY short.....and not sexy at all.

So I will let you know when a HOT couple that turns me on propositions me,  so you can buy your ticket!

Heff said:  "I'm a tiny bit disappointed" is not a answer to these questions. LOL

And that was NOT a question Sir Heff!!

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said:  Has anyone ever been so far as decided to uese even go want to do look more like?


Ummmm,, Elliot have asked the question that I cannot answer.  Alas,  I do not have a prize to offer, but thanks for following.


  1. *Ahem* I meant so I COULD participate.

  2. I have ONE MORE question....

    WHAT IN THE FUCK did Elliot MacLeod-Michael say ?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. I'm totally confused by that comment my own damn self. I'm thinking it's some Chinese spam.

  4. Yeah, that one confused me too.

  5. I saw that one and all I could say was "Huh?"


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