Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bailey's induced delirium

Good Morning all,

my morning has been far anyways..........
I snuck some Bailey's into my coffee....................
Yee haw!!!
Dont tell the rest of the herd.

The Bailey's took some of the sting out of the Dildas remark : "you look tired this morning"
Fucking COW! (at least my nickname is Bitch, and not DILDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
(hmph, she just wishes she looked this good when SHE is tired)

I was chatting with a friend yesterday, and he made me feel so much better.

He pointed out that I am a person with "STRONG CHARACTER, WHO SPEAKS HER MIND, AND DOSNT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS, and that is what he likes best about me"

When bitch gets defined with those words.....its a compliment.  And I'll take it!!!


  1. THANKS just rained on my parade!

  2. ....Right before he mentally stated, "Note to self : Choleesa drinks on the job", LMAO !!

  3. You've got to get a picture of Dilda for us to see.

  4. If Bailey's will help get me through Thanksgiving, I'm in! I'll be looking for suggestions to get me through Christmas, as well.


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