Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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First thing this morning I made the mistake of clicking on Colonel ChestHams blog!!!! (click it..I dare you)
Definitely not work appropriate.

However, it did take my mind off being sad...

I got into a fight last night with the hubby asshole.  Thats not what made me sad...Ill get to that.
(Quick summary: Last night, I got off work, went home, changed, went to the gym, worked my ass off, went home to cook dinner..........and Im not exactly sure what happened after that. )
I was completely blindsided.
I am usually the instigator of the fights....
or at least a full participant....
but this fight....Not even a fight really....he yelled, while I stood there with my bottom jaw on the floor..........Im not sure what exactly happened........
But I was informed by the hubby asshole that all my in-laws hate me.
They all think Im a bitch.....
"actually Im a bitch with everyone I meet.  Everyone I talk to thinks Im a bitch, because Im such - a - bitch. Nobody likes me. They dont invite him places cause they are afraid I might show up too"
That was a direct quote...............
WOW.......(maybe they read my blog too???)
I made sure that he actually said the words: "even my mom thinks your a bitch cause while I may have been blindsided with this.....I was still thinking ahead.
(I am not surprised that they feel this way about me, cause really, I guess I am a bitch.... I am who I am, and I refuse to let ANYONE change me.....because while I may in fact be a bitch...I do have some very redeeming qualities..............)

By getting him to say these words,  I have FOREVER cemented IN STONE  his families opinion of me, therefore giving me a complete and total OUT from any and all future "in-law" activities....

and because Im such a bitch....................I posted on facebook......for all my in-laws to see.........the wonderful news that my husband asshole had just shared with me.

I guess he underestimated my bitchiness.

Here are the parts that made me sad...........if in fact this is the opinion they have of me.....
why did they feel comfortable enough to tell him that Im a bitch??

Obviously, they know his loyalties are not with me....
cause while I may call my husband an asshole,  I will NEVER let anyone else do it.  Nor would anyone I know, dare to talk about something of mine like that.  Guess thats changing from here on out...at least as far as he goes.
And why did he feel the need to share their opinion with me??
Does he not care that sharing that little tidbit might hurt my feelings just a little bit??
Is he truly so stupid that he didnt realize it WILL come back and bite him in the ass??

While I may be able to forgive some things....I cannot  will not forgive this act of stupidity.  
Seasons Change.
But I remain the same old bitch!



  1. Damn, that's crappy. Although I have thought that about my wife on occasion (don't ask how many), I would and will never say it. Not for the fear of her holding back sex, I already earned that badge and am not sure how. Not for fear of her leaving. Just the plain fear of going where a man does not need to go.

  2. It's probably a really good thing we don't live close to one another. Two "B's" could do some serious damage!

  3. according my my husband's mom's side of the family, i am also the evil bitch from hell. i take it as a compliment. you may be a bitch, but i'll take an honest bitch over a back stabbing sack of shit any day. i'm sorry your husband's senses seem to have completely fled. :(

  4. I bet the truth of the matter is they are scared of you.

    I'd go to the 'gatherings' and let the inner bitch out to play.

  5. Relax Dear, I'm here to offer my FULL, LOVING SUPPORT !

  6. I wanna lick that heart on your thigh!


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