Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lame huggers.

We all know them.
You know....those people that hug you like they are afraid to actually touch you.
The lame hug is the equivalent of the lame cheek kisses the french people give.
I hate lame hugs...Id prefer you didnt hug me at all if your going to hug me without meaning.
When I get a hug,  I want every inch of your body pressed up against mine.
I want your arms to wrap around me and make me feel like you'll never let go....
Like you care for me.
Like you are happy to have the opportunity to show you care.
A bear hug, is the perfect hug.

Dont ask me where this came from.....this bitch is having a sentimental moment.....................must be the mormons and the white cotton panties.


  1. What if I am hugging a person I don't like? That happens a lot.

  2. i can't stand lame hand-shakers. you know... the kind of person that holds out a dead fish for you to shake, instead of a strong hand. eesh.

  3. ...too aroused now to properly comment.....

  4. I'll press my 7 inches but be warned, some girls like it that wide.

  5. Barfly, why would you hug a person you dont like??
    Nobody, I dont like lame hand shakes either,
    Nixabn, arent you lucky....or shall I say that your woman/women are lucky...
    How'd this turn into a dirty post??

  6. I think it was the whole body press and our minds started to envision your legs, boob, face, hair, lips, those things. XO

  7. hahaha, Im glad you were envisioning BOTH my boobs....I had to wonder which one you were thinking of

  8. I have to say - it bugs me too when people hug you but they barely touch you. I agree, why bother to hug at all?

  9. I'll have to admit...Full on boob press is EXACTLY what comes to mind when I think about hugs...and I don't hug anybody I have a problem with my boobs touching...

  10. They would recieve the same amount of loving attention.

  11. Lame, fake, same thing. Why bother if it means nothing? I don't understand where all this fake hugging came from in the first place. Hugging is meant to convey caring and affection for a person. If you have none, keep your fake/lame hugs to yourself. I know I will.

  12. I am not a huggy type person when it comes to platonic type stuff. I admit that I am one of those one arm huggers.


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