Friday, November 11, 2011

Metal Day!

Happy Friday.

Its cloudy its cold, and I want to go home!!!

But at least by showing up to work today, one mystery was solved.
Yesterdays internet here at work was slooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww.
No one could figure out why. 
The I.T. guys, (for what they're worth) claimed they werent doing anything.....

"must be Verizon" they said,
and just NOW.....the dilda tells  her husband on the phone :

"I tried sending you the pictures yesterday,  but they wouldnt go through cause the file was too big"

Dumb Dilda Bitch!!!  

she hears us all complaining, and she couldnt fess up??
At least then one of us could have told her to split the pictures up into several emails instead of one large one......

and the dumbass tried REPEATEDLY to send them...... 

Can I slap her now??? 
(Did I ever mention that she has no clue how to rename a .pdf????)

Im gonna go so far as to say that she probably doesnt even realize that she was the one slowing us down.....


Speaking of stupidity....

I went to the gym this morning, (no, thats not the stupid part) and I am never amazed at the dumbshit things I see and hear....

This morning it was a slideshow "presentation" presented by Ballys Total Fitness , on the TV's in front of the cardio machines....
With "Tips & Pointers"
such as......

"Please do not grunt and groan while working out,  it makes others uncomfortable" (my favorite)

"Please wear clean, WASHED  work out clothes...... you never know who you might run into" (really,  you need to be TOLD to wash your clothes after sweating in them,  wonder how many stinky people it took for them to add this point in)

"Please do not stare at others as they are working out"

(especially at my boobs or ass while Im bending over or lying on a machine...thank you)

"Please do not eat in the workout area"  (why wouldnt you eat near all these stinky, grunting oglers??)

"Please do not socialize around the machines, as others may be waiting to use them" (ya think??)

Im just sayin.......if you have to be TOLD these things .....then your pretty friggen stupid.


  1. Good thing I don't waste time working out then, I just come to your blog to look at your boobs and ass. xo

  2. I am constantly amazed at just how clueless some people's a miracle really that they were able to get dressed and out by themselves.

  3. I'm just impressed that people actually workout!

  4. **(especially at my boobs or ass while Im bending over or lying on a machine...thank you)**


    what a bunch of dumb asses!

  5. "The DILDA".

    That always KILLS ME, lol.


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