Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New post

I just had to put up a new post.  Everytime I popped over to my world,  I saw these HUGE tetas staring at me....not that I mind, cause I actually love boobies!!!
But,  its kinda not work appropriate, and people are starting to look over my shoulder when they walk by, just to see if they can name those tits!!!
I am also trying to make this post long enough to knock those knockers off the screen.....I dont know if I have that many words.....
Tomorrow is National Sandwich Day!!! FYI......


  1. LOL

    I had to do the same thing after my post about the greasy greek.

    Because I didn't want to look at his ugly mug every time I checked my blog.

    I wouldn't of minded if it had been boobs.
    Although he is a massive tit.


    Overuse of the spacebar ??

    Helps to fill up the page.

    Hope that helped lol :)

  2. ps

    I thought you post for 'heff' was because it was high heffners birthday when I first saw it.

    Didn't realise there was a blogger called Heff.

    Well given the nature of the post it was an easy mistake to make.




  3. So, (t)it's goodbye then....:(

  4. You go to your actual blog to check it? Why? You can have your comments sent to your email and respond to them from there. (which is especially good at work)

  5. Yep, I knew somewhere a Heff would be crying.

  6. Just replace all those racks with a picture of your rack. Then we can all just sit on your blog. Sounds like a plan to me. Awaiting the Choleesa rack.


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