Monday, November 21, 2011

Some boring stuff


I apologize,  I have absolutely nothing of interest to say.

So let me bore you with details of my Sunday.

I had the bright idea of going to Disneyland ...(I dont know if Ive mentioned it before, but I have an annual pass, and damn it all if im not gonna get my moneys worth out of that sucker)....
honestly,  we've been there more in these past few months than any sane person should....
I mean really?????  How many times can an adult stomach the sound of animated dolls singing about the size of the planet?? Its a small world after all......

But on the other hand,  the fact that I can go anytime I friggin please - gives me the pleasure of doing things that I wouldnt normally waste my time doing.....

Ive seen Billy Hill and the Hillbillies

I found this little bar
(ok,  I would waste my time finding and drinking at a little bar....its filler)

Drank several of these:

 after which I took this picture:  
(which I have absolutely NO recollection of taking)

I decided to go on Sunday, cause I wanted to photograph the holiday decorations......Being a Christmas Day born Capricorn,  I love me some Christmas....Its MY ONE DAY OF THE YEAR!!! (that I have to share with everyone else) 
Well, it rained.  Cats and dogs, and elephants.  But being the die hard that I am,  I said fuck it, lets go anyways.....

It was hilarious to see all the wet people.........  
kids crying..."I want to go home"  
parents lying "Its gonna stop any second"
Husband bitching: "My feet are all wet" 

Woulda made for some good pictures of miserable people, if I wasnt too scared to get my camera wet......

I love my camera more than my husband,  which is why his feet were wet, and my camera was warm and dry.

So I leave you with this picture I took last weekend,  of the holiday decorated Castle....its so perty!!!

I apologize for the lackluster post,  but I had to post something...


  1. I'm just wondering what a person has to DO to acquire an annual pass to Disney, lol !

  2. Heff, its more of a "who" than a "what"

  3. I really need to acquire a plane ticket. Another blogger I blog with is a Christmas baby. XOXOXO

  4. I wonder why you would actually want a year long pass to the place anyway.
    I can think of nothing worse.

    Guess my inner child has finally grown up...a bit.

  5. --I want some of those drinks!-- they look splendid :)) WOW. x

  6. Judging by the size of that drink, if it contained much alcohol... I would have needed a wheelchair! (and a potty chair)


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