Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Theres a target on my back

not a good day at all....Its only 9:05, but already, I want to hurt someone.

It all began with bad sleep. 
I woke up at 3:30  freezing, and sweaty all at the same time....
Im not sick, so either my blood sugars are fucked up, (which would explain my extreme crankiness) 
or the porn star blanket is too fucking heavy....like I keep telling the asshole husband.
But it was a gift from his "mommy"........enough said
Then I get the PLEASURE of driving the kid to work at 4:45 AM.....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Not his fault,  we all wanted him  to get a damn job,  so to teach me a lesson,  he got a damn job!)

I return home,  walk into my daughters room, to smell something that smelled like cat pee.....(as if I hadnt had enough of the cats already)
turns out there is a wet towel, underneath another wet towel, underneath her robe hanging on a hook on the closet door..........
How does she not smell this???????????
So now I am doing laundry at 5:15 in the morning, cause I CANNOT get that smell out of my nose, and the only thing that will work is bleach on those towels..................
Then I drive into work, behind 200 other people who have absolutely NO desire to get where the fuck they are going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I finally do make it to work.........imagine my surprise that EVERYONE else that works in this office is late AGAIN.........
I go into the kitchen to make coffee, and FUCK ME....there are dirty dishes everywhere.....
HELLO?!?  there are only 6 of us - ADULTS - mind you, that work in this office....how can the entire kitchen be strewn with dirty dishes??

So,  do I clean up after these assholes????????, just for the pleasure of making a pot of coffee,  that they will all walk in and drink.............
or do I  drink the shitty instant that is hidden for such occasions.....
Shitty instant it is..........blech.........

Dilda shows up.....to get on the phone....... with her husband that she just left an hour ago.....
who the hell calls their husband '"Sweetheart" anymore??

How bout "Hey Donkey Dick:"  or "Panytwetting love of my life"
If I have to hear this shit,  at least make it good!!!!

The other one brings in left over cake....I swear these bitches are trying to kill me!!!! And now I get to spend the rest of my "its gonna be a long ass day"  exercising self control and not eating that fucking cake................

SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My life is similar - trust me.


    (Wait, that's ME...)

  2. I apologize up front for this. But,
    hahahahahahahahahaha. Love ya big time

  3. Heff: put the seat up BEFORE you pee
    KP. Love you back
    Nixabn: that would be my LOWER back!

  4. How well I understand. I'm convinced I have a "kick me" sign on my butt.

  5. Choleesa - Your WHOLE back is good for me.

  6. This post has either left me strangely aroused or wanting to go and punch an adolescent, I just can't decide.

  7. I was away for a few days and you posted six times! I gotta keep up on my reading. :)

    Sorry your day was so shitty. I hope it improves as the week goes on.


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