Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yesterdays News........

These are the few of the headlines I read yesterday.......and my opinions......

A house in Euclid, Ohio, is arousing interest from ghost researchers because the owner claims that she has seen two ghosts having sex with each other  really,two ghosts having sex.....hmmmm,  this is news??  If ghost sex was possible, then wouldnt Ghost Adventures, and Ghost Hunters be alot more interesting??

A Utah man shot and severely wounded a neighbor who he believed had been "telepathically threatening" him and his wife, according to police.......and claimed his neighbor "had telepathically raped his wife on many occasions," if this was even possible,  Id be in jail............I have raped a few men in my head several times..........and Ive killed a few people as well....

Bieber told her "he would give me his phone number after we had sex and told me he wanted me to be at his future concerts too and he would give me backstage passes." She said the sexual intercourse between the pair was "brief, lasting only approximately 30 seconds." Justin was done, "he was clearly embarrassed about how the sex did not last very long. He immediately put on his clothes and blew me off when I asked about seeing him again.
"I asked him for his private phone number, but he insisted on taking my phone number honey,  you should have KNOWN he would deny it, when you accuse him of lasting only 30 seconds!!! You shoulda said he was the best lover ever with the largest penis.....then he woulda paid you off on the down low,  just so that he could keep the large penis rumor going.

Now that Kardashian has made the difficult decision to file for divorce, leaving Humphries "devastated," the world is left wondering what happened?  Im not wondering what happened.  I know what happened, two greedy assholes decided to tie the knot and make a COMPLETE mockery of marriage.
.......she became tearful and said that her daughter's decision to file for divorce and the shock waves it caused has been difficult to deal with because, like so much of what her family does, it happened in the spotlight.
"It's a tough time for the family and for Kim and for everyone involved," the matriarch said. "It's really hard to go through this on such a public stage." seriously?? What did you fucken expect?? You put your whole world on display and you are hurt when people voice their opinions about your trampy dumbassed daughter??

(Lindsey Lohan) The troubled starlet, 25, will be returning to the Lynwood Jail for the fifth time – sentenced on Wednesday to 30 days behind bars after she admitted violating her probation in her DUI and necklace-theft cases.
She probably won't be serving the full 30 days," says L.A. sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore. "She's subject to early release for good behavior and overcrowding."
was not immediately sent to jail because the judge decided to allow her time to complete her nude photo shoot for Playboy .. WOW!!! This bitch could commit murder on national television,  and STILL get away with it!!!!!!!

What's Really In the McDonald's McRib? Report says sandwich contains 70 ingredients including pig innards and loads of salt. as if that stops anyone from eating hotdogs??

Former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield was arrested and charged Tuesday with possession of 1.5 grams of methamphetamine....leave the poor guy alone, he was just looking for a little speed



  1. On the Nascar side, big suprise on the Beiber side. I did a similar, well sort of, post on his ass, hahaha.

  2. The Kardashian's are a joke that, for whatever reason, the public keeps buying into. As long as the public wants that $hit, they will be big dollar news. I have nothing to say about Bieber, because I fail to see much to even discuss. Lohan is old news and will never get what she deserves, because she has money. However, I do think she was a talented young actress and used to have a lot going for her. I think she would be much better off in jail, before she ends up dead.

  3. How big are the ghost's Knockers ???

    HEY !!! KISS MY McAss !!!!

    DON'T FUCK WITH McRib, it's McFuckinAwesome !!!

  4. I read about the guy and the "telepathic threats" - all I could do was sigh and shake my head. I swear, at this rate we are going to have more crazies than normal people.

  5. Lindsay Lohan pisses me off. Seriously, put her ass in jail already!

  6. Having sex with a ghost SOUNDS HOT, Lindsay Lohan IS HOT (each time she takes a mug shot she is hotter - see my blog and search Lindsay Lohan), and Jeremy Mayfield ....poor guy's racing hobby got in the way of his drug habit.

  7. Hey, check it out! I tweeted this post and it got included in this round-up:

  8. Ghost porn!! Wow. Gonna get me some of that!


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