Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Are these babies mine??? I'll never tell!

I have nothing of any real interest to say...
but the Dilda isnt here today,  (big fucking shocker!!!)
so I get my birthday lunch after all!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont ask for much............. just a pastrami sandwich.
I love salty meat....
(yes there was a double entender (spanish for understand),  entendre.

I am also told I have a thing for balls, however, I think they just get in the way!!

A few more days til my birthday,  and while, I am suffering anxiety from getting that much closer to forty.....I am comforted by the fact that I look fucking awesome!!

And to keep in line with  Crazy Assed Anne............(Im so glad I found her)
I give you a boobie shot.................


  1. Thank you Cho, and thank you Anne. I hear Anne is going to do a "sexy legs" shot next. Why don't you go ahead and one up her.

  2. Barfly, please see:
    that is about as sexy as I can get my legs to look

  3. I've seen that before, I guess that's why I remember your legs!! That'll most surely do..
    Thank you.

  4. Hey, did I just hear.....H.O.L.Y. S.H.I.T !!!

  5. Let's play hide the balls AND the salty meat!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love it! Nice rack you have there. Jesus Christ, I like salty meat too. Has your mum ever been to Ireland? My da had dark hair, we could be half-sisters. Wouldn't that be great. Have a Happy Holiday xoxoxo

  7. I appreciate what you're showing me right now! Now let's hope the Mrs. doesn't stop by and see my comment!

    My balls are a few years short of 40, and yes, they do get in the way!

  8. You better hope those puppies never fall... it's going to be a LONG drop!

  9. I can make mine do that but I work with mostly men and I'd appreciate if they actually did their work. ;)

  10. I never actually SAID they were mine!!!
    But IF they were, I would say that this WAS NOT taken at work, or in anything I would wear to work....If they were mine.....


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