Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dilda file

I should make an entire link to all the Dilda posts......
Did I mention that she is now on a 6 hour work day??.......apparently, her mother in law is so effed up,  that she cannot be alone, and the caretaker that they hired cannot stay past a certain time....
So every day Dilda leaves early....(Did I mention that she also comes in late???) 
Well, maybe you are wondering the same thing I am.....
"why cant they hire someone who can be there when needed?
well, I made the mistake of asking that stupid question, and I might as well have asked
"why not just euthanize her?"
Anywhoo, dumbass, was telling a story, and let it slip that she went Christmas shopping after work.....
I guess her mother in law had a brief moment of clarity,  when she called dilda up and said
"Dilda,  I am in perfect health, and I will be for the next three hours,  so you go ahead and get some Christmas shopping done....I will revert to my effed up state, when you walk in the door.....take your time"
Really,  she keeps proving her stupidity over and over and OVER!!!!


  1. Why don't you use the same excuse and go to the bar?

  2. It is my firm belief that she has either blown, or is currently blowing the appropriate person.....

  3. People's stupidity never cease to amaze me! How do you not throttle that woman?

  4. Perhaps the MIL is the way she is, because of the DIL(da)!

  5. I don't even know her and I want to slap her.

  6. Did someone say..... "blown?"

  7. "Why don't they just euthanize her" I love it. If it was my mother-in-law who was effed up, I'd pull that plug and pull it fast. Thanks for the follow, I followed you back.

  8. I put you up on my blogroll :)

  9. You won't answer you e mail so how could I tell you what I wanted :)


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