Thursday, December 1, 2011

This weeks "news"

This is how I spend some of my time at work....I read "news" stories, and if they make me make a comment, or laugh a little,  I save it cause you just never KNOW when you will need some weird news story.....


French Father Reportedly Charged After 3-Year-Old Son Killed in Washing Machine

....... put him naked in the washing machine to punish him for getting into trouble at nursery school

When I was in nursery school,  I got my mouth washes out with soap, for saying the "S" word......."Stupid" (no............ Stupid was actually the "s" word that I said and got in trouble for.)

Miley Cyrus Jokes About Smoking 'Too Much Weed' at 19th Birthday Party

“You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake,” said the “Hannah Montana” star
If the singer of the Achy Breaky Heart was your daddy,  wouldnt you get high too????

LeAnn Rimes: Did she or did she not get breast implants?

Im gonna say she bought one of them there nifty bras that adds four sizes on to your itty bitty titties,
cause if your gonna pay for a boob job,  then go large enough to be WITHOUT QUESTION.

Cancer-Fighting Cells Get Boost From Viagra

The drug works because it "wakes up" the immune system to fight cancer
That is not ALL it wakes up....Im all in favor!!!!

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain denies new accusations ahead of TV interview with woman claiming she had a 13-year relationship with the GOP candidate.
 I just dont get it........Maybe its cause he LOOKS like a PIMP

Kobe Bryant in Secret NBA Training ... WITH THE JEWS!

dosnt even matter what the story said....I just loved the headline

Iran's 'Family Protection' Bill Raises Eyebrows

......It would give men the right to take a second wife without the permission of the first, and it would enshrine a man’s right to have an unlimited number of temporary marriages, which can last from 10 minutes to 99 years.
Im just gonna go out on a limb here and say that if any man is dumb enough to WANT more than one wife....(without permission)..................then let him have his "just desserts"

Ali Lohan Thinks Plastic Surgery Rumors Are 'Stupid'
do any of the Lohans have anything WHATSOEVER of intelligence to say??? ANYTHING AT ALL?????

Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant

 just what we needed......another Kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian: Styling Mason Is ‘So Much Fun’

Really,  you are "styling" a 2 year old??  Your son is going to be as big a douche bag, as your boyfriend.

Kris Humphries: "My Marriage to Kim Kardashian Was a Fraud "

 you dont say!!

Horses Could Soon Be Slaughtered for Meat in U.S.

hmmm, wonder if THAT will turn up in the McRib???


    1. Herman "tap dat ass" Cain for President 2012 !!

    2. I love Miley, I admit it. Also, I've got to get one of them brims that Herman is sporting.

    3. I'll get a script ASAP and an friggin plane ticket, this time, for your ASS to come here and try out what wakes up!!

    4. Sadly, the only one of those that was worth the read, was about the 3 year old, killed in the washing machine. The rest are just time killers.

    5. Frankly, I'm not convinced that there isn't horse meat in some of the McDonald's stuff already.

      And I'm with you - No more Kardashians!

    6. Now I know where to come to read the news


    Go ahead, tell me what your thinking.........