Monday, January 30, 2012

Aye Dios Mio!!!!

First thing this morning, serial ass kisser asks me: :"Choleesa,  how much is a chicken at Sams?"

As if I knew the if I was a database of prices for all that she may want to inquire about.
And I got to sad it must be to be THAT lazy,  stupid,  etc. etc.
I mean, as much as stupidity pisses me off,  it must be a terrible affliction to live with......having the whole world constantly mad at you for all the acts of stupidity that you'd commit.....

So for a SECOND I felt genuine pity for the stupid, and in honor of that I posted this to my facebook wall:

And no sooner had I posted that,  I hear another act of stupidity.......the worst kind of act......A REPEAT OFFENDER.....You know?  The stupid act that was committed before,  and you have just done it again??

Case in point:  The Dilda......
She has ONCE AGAIN, shut the internet down by trying to email large sized pictures.........a group at a time.

This isnt the first time shes done this mind you......the first time,  the I.T guy allowed it to be anonymous,  just saying to the masses:  "someone is trying to send a rather large group of pictures.  We have cancelled that the future, please do NOT send large photos.  Resize them first"
We ALL knew who it was, because there was only ONE idiot in this office stupid enough to try and send alot of pictures together in one email......there was only one idiot who had just had a grandchild, and who had just received massive amounts of pictures of said grandchild,  just that morning........
2 + 2= Dilda......

This time,  I.T. went right to her and asked her point blank: "are you trying to send a bunch of pictures to someone?" 
I bursted out in laughter....why?  cause of my facebook post just two seconds ago,  and the memory of the last time she did this..........
Some idiots are just too stupid to know they are stupid.......and I have come to the conclusion that they DO NOT deserve my pity!!!


  1. Remind me not to do anything stupid around you.

    1. doing something stupid is ENTIRELY different from being stupid...

  2. Sometimes I think we work in the same office.

  3. The first time, I have sympathy, it's the repeat offenses that start to tick me off. (and this even comes with the admission that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer)

  4. Being stupid seems to be an epidemic these days, doesn't it? It's a sad state of affairs.

  5. I actually did "laugh out loud" at this post. I'm with Gigi, it's like we work in the same place!

  6. Save pity for sad dogs in the Sarah Mclachlan commercials and the starving kids in Africa (even though they are fat).

  7. The hard part is to not confuse stupidity with the mentally challenged/ill. Pity the ones who are ill, for they know not what they do.

    But verbally abuse the ones who are just plain stupid! They deserve to be punished for stupid shit! Some people never learn!

    No new background yet? My nomination for a new image still stands! lol

    1. I was all gungho for a second, but I got lazy....
      still working on it in my head though...maybe I can get Anne to draw me up a background, and throw some boobs in there ala "wheres waldo" style.

    2. Anne...yes she is good. But I have been stepping up my game a bit in the paint shop! You really gonna throw in some boobs for me? You're too cool! lol

    3. Yes, Mr. WorkingDan, Ill do anything to keep a follower (o )o )


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