Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!

I have been here a total of 19 minutes...........
I want to go home.
I think its time I start looking for a new job.  Ive said it before,  but I honestly believe that if I stay here too much longer,  I might actually pick up my typewriter and throw it at someone.

I ask myself,  REPEATEDLY,   "is it you Choleesa?"
and the answer is always the same,   "NO!!! it is not you,  it is them"

The Dilda,  aside from her various other sins....this bitch comes in every morning...late of course,  and drinks the coffee that I make!
Whatever,  I dont buy the coffee,  but I sure as hell am the only one who makes it.  I make it for me!!  I expect to be the first one to get a cup,  since I MADE IT FOR ME!!  but nope,  she SNEAKS into the kitchen,  fills up her cup,  and then walks back to her desk,  holding her cup against her thigh on the side closest to the wall, so that no one will see it.......cause then she might actually be expected to make coffee for people.....

and I think the bitch is stealing my creamer......
I have not caught her yet, and she better hope I dont catch her,  cause I will hit her.  That creamer is mine,  I buy it with my own money so that its there when I want it.

Pajama Girl,  steals ice.  
Once a week,  I go out to the ice maker in the shop and fill a bucket of ice,  so that I can have ice when I want it......every time I go to get ice,  I notice that there is hardly any ice left......and I KNOW I aint using that much ice..............

and yesterday I walked in the kitchen and caught the bitch.  

Yes, they are ALL bitches,  filling up a DOUBLE GULP sized cup with MY ice....So I said to her, "hey jammie girl,  you gonna refill that ice??" and the bitch giggled.....seriously,  she I said  "really,  I filled that up for you gonna refill it?'"
"sure" she says......its still fucking empty.

Serial ass kisser plays if her computer is restricted from using google.  Anytime she wants to know something,  she asks me "hey Choleesa,  what is a so and so"  and I always reply with "I dont know, google it"  and she whines,  "you do it,  you are so much better at it"
Yah,  bite me bitch. 
I dont do it,  but you'd think by now that she would get the hint that I am not going to do whatever it is she is too lazy to do.
But then again....that would require a HINT of perception.

Why? you ask dont I stop making coffee, and getting the ice?  Well,  I have.  But damn,  we are all adults.  When you use the last of the toilet paper at home,  you put a new roll right?  Why wouldnt the same principal apply here???  If you drink the last of the coffee, make another pot....if you use the last of the ice.........fucking refill it. 



  1. How the hell can she not know how to Google, it's the 21st century for crying out loud. And someone who steals frozen water is the lowest of the low.

  2. lol we use at work ALL the REALLY helped school people on asking stupid questions!!

  3. Do NOT get me started on the whole coffee issue! We have a coffee maker that has three burners, so you can make a fresh pot while keeping the others warm. Do you know how many times I've gone out there to find all three pots with less than inch in each?!? Do you know how many kinds of crazy this makes me?

  4. Now that is a rant! I love it...not that it sucks for you but just because I love a good rant! You tell them bitches!

    Any ideas for your new background yet? Boobs are still an option! lol

  5. It's a good thing I don't work, there are plenty of annoying things at home. (However, you bring home a paycheck and I don't)

  6. I say you're justified to get annoyed with it. And you're right, they are all bitches.


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