Tuesday, January 24, 2012

these damn hefers..............(I mean co-workers)

I am sitting here at my desk, and chaos is all around me.
Right now,  there are 5 other people in this office, besides me.
Im the only one at my desk trying to get any work done.
One is coughing up what can only be the worlds largest hairball. Who has just informed me that she has the runs!

Choleesa thinks:  "Yeah bitch, thanks for sharing....if you cough, and shit your pants,  I do NOT want to know about it"

The dilda is with Pajama Girl, (who wasnt here yesterday), having a conversation that goes something like this:
Dilda:  "detail, detail, detail, blah, blah, blah,  i just sent you an email with all the details I just gave you"
Pajama Girl:  "oh, I havent read my emails yet"

Choleesa thinks: ,  "I guess you dont need to read it now do you?? TIME WASTERS!!!!!!!!"

Serial Ass Kisser, is talking very loudly with someone about how she didnt see him walk in the door.

Choleesa thinks: " what does it matter if you saw him walk in the door or not??  either way, he is in the office, shut the fuck up and answer your phone BEFORE I DO...."Serial Ass Kissers Desk,  Im sorry she isnt available right now,  her lips are attached to someones ass,  can I take a message??"

Why? I ask,  am I the only one at my desk trying to work??

Cause Im a dumbass....thats why!! 

Did I mention that I have my very mexican music on very loud??    

Why you ask?  
Cause it annoys the fuck out of everyone here...........
and if I have to listen to their bullshit, then its only fair that they listen to mine.


  1. Wow, I feel like I'm getting to know the herd. So now I don't feel so unusual taking off my pants and underwear under the desk and putting them back on when I get up.

  2. Really? Pajama Girl? At work? What the hell is wrong with people?


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