Monday, January 23, 2012


Its raining.
All I want to do right now, is crawl in my bed and catch up with all my recorded tv shows....
before the husband deletes them all.
Hes a weiner that way......
God forbid, that the memory on the DVR is lower than 50%
(keep in mind that the man does not watch TV, unless its basketball or football)

If the memory is lower than 50%, he starts bitching, and moaning, and deleting.........with no regards to who is recording. 
(ME, since the damn thing is  in the obviously, if hes not recording it, then I must be)

Fights ensue..........

Him:  why the fuck is there never any room to record on this shit?

Me:  what would you like to record?

Him: Nothing,  but if I did,  there wouldnt be any room.

Me:  when you want to record something, let me know, and Ill make sure theres room
Him:  Make room now...

Me: bite me bitch

Him:  DVR whore

Me:  fuck you

Him:  Im deleting all your fucking shows right now.

Me:  do it, and you better start running.

Him:  Its my DVR, I pay the cable bill, and Im deleting all this shit

Me:  do it, and DIE!!!

when we fight,  I am always the first to pull out the bad words....
I cannot help myself...
try as I might to keep our fights within reason, and without name calling....

I cannot do it. 
I go from 0 to 60,  in a few seconds.
And he thinks its funny......
he laughs at me....(pissing me off even more)

"why do you have to talk that way?"
 "because cursing makes me feel better,  yelling soothes my soul, and arguing kinda turns me on".....
Im wicked that way. 


  1. "Love......exciting and new....come aboard.....we're expecting you....."

  2. Ah yes...the dvr wars! I've had my share of those! What I hate is when she is at work, she has multiple shows recording at once which forces me to watch one of her shows that is recording!

    I don't think so! Not while I'm watching monday night football or a kick ass man movie!

    Then she complains that I deleted it! She takes over the tv when she isn't even there! So wrong!

    1. We have another LARGER tv in the living room specially purchased for Sports viewing...yet he chooses to watch his sports in the bedroom, ONLY when he sees the little red light is on....Me thinks he likes to fight too.

  3. I will have two shows on the DVR and wife has the rest and when it's over 50% guess who she calls to weed through all his two 30 minute shows? So now I just set it to record every Jersey Shore that is on any channel at any time. That'll get er.

  4. hahahaha, South Parks is on at least 10 times a day on 4 different channels....when I really want to piss him off....I set it for South Park.

  5. I swear, I almost said Southpark, but I like Southpark.

  6. The same thing happens at my house, except my husband records every stupid truck show out there! I would bitch about his That Metal Show but I like them so I pretend not to so he records them and then I sit on the couch and play on my laptop while he knocks them out and then use that as an excuse to record Dr. Phil...yeah, Dr. Phil...

  7. We don't have cable anymore, so this isn't a problem. Come to think of it, the husband doesn't really care what we watch anyway. Damn girl...that blows! Eeep!

    Oh and @L-I used to love watching That Metal Show when I did have cable too. Hehehe :P

  8. It's probably a good thing my hubby doesn't know how to record OR delete. Mine is rarely below 50%, because I hoard shows just like I do everything else.

  9. heheeh oh man...i guess thats better than fightin bout money or sex!


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