Thursday, February 16, 2012

Attacked by Confucius's bitch

Karma is at it again.

This morning,  I went to go put air in my tire,   the air machine turns on, makes the usual compressors noises, I put the nozzle thing on my tire........... 

I HEARD the air....
turns out, there was nothing but noise coming out of the air air.... at all................
The air whooshing noise I was hearing was what little air that was left in my tire...........escaping.
So I walk over to the little Asian lady, in her little bullet proof box, and told her that the air machine wasnt working,  

she says "I toon on fo u"
so I said,  "no,  its on,  but there's no air coming out". 

She says  "hmmmm,  I no no why"  
and I said "me either, but can I have my four quarters back, so I can go somewhere else to put air because my tire is now flat."
She got all worked up:  "u coo ax niceree!!!".  
and proceeded to yell at me in whatever language it was.

Again I say it.........Im getting sooooo tired of being yelled at.


  1. Wow what a bitch! I wouldn't go back there again.

  2. Did ya get your change back, and was it American?

  3. You should have told her that she had Ed Zackery's disease. That her face looked Ed Zackery like her ass.

  4. Geez Cho, Where do you live Carifolnia?


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