Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh Karma.

So Im wondering if I did something to piss "Karma" off.

On Monday,  I went to Walmart on my lunch break to buy some bottled water....(cause I care more about how my water tastes than the planet)
and some broad (and I use that term lightly)starts yelling and cussing at me in the parking lot!!!
Im confused.  

I dont know what she is yelling about... 
so I yell back, " what is your problem?"  
She replies with "you need to slow the fuck down bitch"  
which REALLY confused me, as my car was completely stopped when she started yelling.
So I yell back "how much fucking slower do you
  want me to go considering the car is you want me to go in reverse?"
She went off......and I ended the whole shouting match with a good, heartfelt FUCK YOU!! 

cause at this point,  im fucking tired of being yelled at.
I actually hoped the skank would get out of her car so that I could get out of mine,  cause as stated,  Im getting a little tired of being shouted at.
Tuesday, the hubby and I went out on a date,  and I was attacked by a 6 year old bastard with a stroller.
NO,  he did not "accidentally" run into me.  The little bastard did it on purpose,  so I nicely pushed the stroller away from my throbbing ankle,  thinking to myself that he is just a child.  

I turn my head, and the little fucker hits me again even harder.  So I turn and look at him, and that little fuck face gives me this evil smile,  pulls the stroller back and gives it a good shove right into my shin!!!
So I yell at him in my best psycho voice; "HIT ME AGAIN AND SEE WHAT I DO TO YOU!!" 
A man, who I thought was just a witness, comes over and redirects the child in another direction.....

asshole was the little devils dad.
What kind of person watches their kid attack a stranger with a stroller, and does nothing about it????????????? 

probably the same kind of asshole who raised this little bitch here at work.

Lucky for him the hubby comes and drags me away....................... 
so that I dont hurt anyone...

But now I am wondering....'WHAT THE HELL??"
What have I done for the world to turn on me this way????


  1. Walmart is notorious for the random inbred ...
    As for that kid... it's too bad you couldn't of had a drink in your hand, and accidentally spill some on his head.

  2. Karma is fucking with you for PURCHASING BOTTLED WATER.

  3. Wal-mart attracts some of the finest people! I wouldn't say its karma, it is just being at Wal-mart...that shit is bound to happen.

    There are some evil kids out there..the parents even more evil. What an asshole of a father to just sit and watch his kid ram you over and over with a stroller!

  4. Sounds like the old bitch that confronted me in the gas station parking lot this morning, "you almost hit me." "No ma'am I didn't, I went straight and straight into the parking space, you went around, I saw you." "You were going too fast." Sooooo...just to show the old bitch up, I held the door for the crippled man and didn't wait for her to get out of the car to hold the door open for her.

    1. Yeah T, I think you wished your gas station debacle onto me. I had one of my own this morning.

  5. Maybe he didn't agree with your frivolous use of plastic bottles. Or maybe he was jealous of your legs. Or that you are female and he doesn't have a mom. Or he has two dads.

  6. The parking lot of a Wal-Mart is like the seventh circle of hell. I swear. You will run into the craziest people there!


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