Tuesday, February 7, 2012

oh the terrible memories of my youth

I have been tagged.

These things remind of of those religious emails......the ones that basically tell you that you dont love God if you dont forward this email to 50 of your closest friends....

But because I dont want to be a bitch,  I will play along.  kinda..........

1.  Of all the species in the world,  which one is my favorite to eat.......
     Cows!!!! for one....its fucking delicious........
     AND it makes me feel superior to all my coworkers, also known as "the herd" or "the hefers"......

2.  What is my favorite recreational substance and why?
      Im gonna say CORONA!!!   because I feel obliged to carry on my  

      family's traditions.

3. What is your favorite joke to tell?
     ok,  its corny,  but it cracks me up every time............here goes:

   Confucius say:  Elevator smell different to midget. 

4.  What do I like most about Working Dans blog....
     I like the honesty.  He just puts it all out there.  I like that.

thats as far as I will go,  

Im not gonna tag anyone.  
Im a sore sport that way.  
I like to win, and essentially, if you get tagged in the game of tag, you lose......
so I am going to pout and walk away from this game,  a big loser.


  1. Elevator smell different to midget.

    I love that and will use it often. Thank you!

  2. Already recycled the elevator thing at work. AWESOME

  3. A terrible memory from my youth was that time I shit my pants.

    Wait.....that was YESTERDAY...

  4. Confucius also say... Man who go to bed with itchy butt, wake up with stinky finger.

    1. Confucius say: man who scratch butt should not bite nails.
      That Confucius was one smart dude. :)

  5. Confucius jokes? The best. And thanks for not tagging anyone, these things are fun to read but the pressure to do them is BAD. Just sayin'.

  6. I normally would stay away from the tag thing but thought I would try it just once. Thanks for acknowledging the game and I don't blame you one bit for not playing by the rules!

    I love the midget joke! Too funny!

    Cows are the tastiest species out there! Corona is a fine beverage, especially on a hot summer day! And I still claim to be the world's most honest man. I wouldn't put it any other way. I think an honest blog is the best kind. That's also what I believe the whole point of blogging is...to be honest with yourself and put it out there...if not for others who can relate, then at least for yourself.

  7. Confucious say: Squirrel sit on rock and crack nut, man sit on crack and rock nut.

  8. Nice Choleasa, you are better than I would be and you will continue to have good luck...?....


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