Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine

The sun is definitely shining today.
We are expecting a high of 90°.
I love the hot weather.....cant tell you why.

I heard a song this morning.
"This ole heart of mine" by the Isley Bros.
Brought me extreme joy.....cant tell you why.

Costco is coming by today, ( trying to entice our employees to buy a membership.)
They promised us goodies.......
That makes  me happy............cant tell you why.

Maybe its cause it WASNT my daughter, or my son, or my mother or my father.....

I dont take joy in the fact that these things have happened to others, my heart still breaks for them,but their loss reminds me to be thankful for what I still have with me.


  1. Because of our humidity, anything over 80 makes me sweat. Sometimes under 80. I hate to sweat.

  2. "this little light of mine."

  3. This post makes me happy....can't tell you why. ;-)

    I don't mind the heat - it's the humidity that kills me every single time.

  4. This Old Heart of Mine is a wonderfully uplifting song, it has one of the best choruses ever.

  5. sometimes it's good to be reminded. glad things are looking up for you today. :)

  6. When people come to your office to meet and find out what your company makes how entertaining is it?

    1. most people who show up either all ready know, or dont even ask.
      The fun is when we get junk calls, then I just play stupid and say, "sir/ma'am, I dont think this applies to us, we make vaginas"
      Then they stay silent, clear a throat, stiffle a giggle and say "excuse me?"

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