Thursday, June 14, 2012

My dark side

I dyed my hair last night.  
The blond highlights were just too much to keep up with,  what with all my gray hairs battling to be front and center..........and the fact that being out in the sun so much lately has basically turned my beautiful caramel color to ORANGE.
It is supposed to be a medium brown............but alas,  it looks black.  DAMN!!
The dark color has pretty much added 10 years to my look.  DAMN!!!
Some asshole probably switched the bottles inside the boxes.......DAMN!!!

Speaking of assholes:

Why do people get pissed at me when I answer the phone, and say no thank you to whatever it is they are trying to sell  me??

Is it because I answer "Operator,  how may I direct your call?"
Does the title operator automatically make me a  nobody??
(always remember the person screening the calls has ultimate power)

Should I start answering "Hard worker who does every job imaginable here at this company,  and actually  makes the purchasing decisions, how may I direct your call?"

The would they then be nicer to me??

When people cold call and try to sell products, I simply tell therm  "Sir/Madam (cause I do realize they are trying to do a job, just like I am) 

 "Sir/ Madam,  we manufacture artificial vaginas,  we do not have any requirement for that item"

Their response:  "Dont lie"
And some have gone so far as to throw in the lovely title of bitch.

Do they think Im SO intelligent that I could have dreamed up such an elaborate scheme to get rid of them??

Do they not realize that SOMEONE has to make artificial vaginas???

Or do they THINK that the fake "hoo-haws" of the world just magically create themselves?


  1. I had never had a thought about artificial hoo-haws, until I followed you.

  2. You should get on the Do Not Call List. Are you in the US? If you are then you can.

  3. Cho,
    Aren't these people calling to by rubber pussies? Why are you surprised?

  4. Oops. didn't read far enough....sorry. ADD kicked in.

  5. One more...what is the rubber in those things called? Flubber? No....I got it...Blubber...smells like a big

  6. Latex. Don't ask me how I know.


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