Friday, June 29, 2012


My world has been kinda boring lately.  
I apologize.
I used to be interesting.  

Really, I was.
I used to have so much happening, that I would say "OOOO fodder for the blog"

What happened to all my fodder??

I once posted about how I chased a chicken down the street, A CHICKEN!!! then there was the time  my mother pulled aluminum foil out of her purse to wrap up her left over steak at my sons football banquet,  and other such random things.......
but it seems as if I do  not have random things going on anymore.

I wonder why that is?

Am I getting old??

I figured the title "Choleesas World" would leave this blog open to everything and anything that happened in my life, but nothing is happening lately.

What the hell?!?!

Well, I will be hitting up the "pool"  again this weekend,  maybe I will have another intoxicating story for you on Monday, or at least a really nice tan.


  1. As always, Heff is here to help !

    New regular feature : "Choleesa's Lingerie Of The Week".

    A pictorial, of course.

    No, NO....No need to thank me.

  2. For heaven's sake, you live in California and have a camera. The topics should be endless!

  3. Don't over think it, love. It'll come. You are fabulous!

  4. What do you mean boring? I loved your post about getting drunk at Disneyland. More like that please.


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