Monday, June 11, 2012

Two less than great photos.

Hello Folks....

I havent had much to say as of late,  I guess my world just isnt so interesting anymore.

I did go to a L.A. Kings Hockey game.  I went to the one and only playoff game they lost at home.....(think it was me?)
It was my very first hockey game....complete with seats in the Verizon suite.....awesomeness!!!  the best part though, (aside from the free booze, of course) was the desert rolled up,  and the angels sang!!

taken with my phone during warm up.

I went to the beach on Sunday and after about 20 minutes,  I burned!!!
What the hell?????  Im Hispanic.....we dont burn!!!
(must be the Canadian in me that scorched)  have I mentioned that my mom is from Canada??  

Before the beach we went to a swap meet,  where my short wearing legs walked in front of a large mirror,  and I saw COTTAGE CHEESE!!!!  DIMPLES EVERYWHERE!!!!!
ewww,  I guess that"s what I get for avoiding the gym for the last almost 2 months....
Now I gotta start all over from scratch....oh, and did I mention that my once "on its way to firm" ass is now bouncing off the back of my calves as I walk???

That is about where my world stands right my cottage cheese thighs..........staring and drooling at a bag of white  chocolate.............trying to have some sort of self control.........


  1. Yep, I kick my own butt, everytime I walk... since it isn't where it used to be!

  2. I somehow doubt your description of yourself. xo



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