Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bragging rights..

Co worker is having car problems.....

The window is broken on the  car...."Its a Cadillac,  do you know how much it costs to replace the motor for the window on a Cadillac?"

Car wont pass smog check...."Its a Cadillac,  do you know how much it costs to buy JUST the parts on a Cadillac?"

Car is running hot:  "its a Caddy,  do you know how much it costs to fix a Caddy?"

Car wouldnt start this morning:  "Mechanic said its the starter,  Its a Cadillac,  do you know how much a starter for a Cadillac is?"

Sounds more like a CACA than a Caddy..............


  1. I bet it is tough to own an old Caddy in Cali. I bet you can get hydros on it for a lot less (kidding).

  2. Ha ha - I had a Caddy once as a hire car - was nice, had far too many gizmos on it and on the drive to the airport basically had enough and went into some engine fault mode that meant it could be out accelerated by a snail, not what you want as you head into Boston on I94 thank you!

  3. We always tried to anticipate the ease and cost of repairs, before we would would get a car... because none of them last forever and will eventually have a problem, Caddy, or not.

  4. When we were buying a new (to us) car at the beginning of the year, we went with small and cheap. One of my co-workers had to settle for a Lexus because she couldn't get an Audi. Not that I'm bitter or anything, lol.

  5. I'm totally with Ms. A on this one. If you can't afford to fix it then what is the point in owning it?

  6. I'm still trying to come up with the money for the transmission for my Ferrari.

  7. My dad inherited a canary yellow one from his aunt. Nothing but issues.


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