Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Choleesas World is hot as hell!!!

Not in a good way way........
in a weatherwise way............

yup  106°  expected today....(can you say sweaty ass from the leather seat?)

I dont sleep well in the heat.
The sleep I do get is not peaceful.  I do not wake up feeling rested.  And my brain feels it.

Exhibit A:

I went to the gym this morning.
I had alot of admirers this morning.
People were CHECKING. ME. OUT.
As I walked by, people stared,  they wanted their body to look like mine...........

or maybe it was the fact that I had my pants on inside out................



  1. We had that heat the last few weeks. It was 109 actual temp two days in a row.

    I can imagine it was still a nice view even inside out. When I flew to NYC a few weeks ago, I kept trying to pee in the airports and couldn't find the hole, if you know what I mean. Later that night in the hotel, I realized my boxers were on backwards.

  2. We have a/c in the south for that shit.

  3. One time in a grocery store, I thought I was REALLY getting the eye from a lot of ladies.

    Then I realized my tucked-in button down shirt was sticking out of my unzipped fly....

  4. Hell, I do that even with a full 8 hours.

    Stay cool!

  5. I feel for you - we had heat like that all last week.

  6. sorry, i must have given you my weather. :/

  7. The only thing saving us, has been rain. I can't imagine what it would be like to have 18% humidity? Ours is rarely that low. Right now, it's 89%. Talk about bad hair days, it's always a bad hair day, here.

  8. It's the body - believe in that... ;-)

    Seen how hot it is over there - here it is generally like bloody autumn, one of the worst summers on record if it carry's on like this the world's impression of London after the Olympics will be skies the colour of slate and stair-rod rain that hurts you when it hits! I hope they have considered alternative soundtrack options including Tony Iommi bashing out doomladen rifts - they are most apt at the moment!

  9. its been hot as hell here for 2 weeks, as well.

    i'm loving it. Makes my beach volleyball league a joy, and my pool with solar heater was 98 degrees last week. ouch.

    where do you live? you are getting hotter temps than i am...

  10. Sweet baby Jesus it's hot there.

    We have a lot of humidity here, so the temperature might only be 85F, but with the humidity, you sweat without even moving and everything is so sticky & gross.


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