Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy friggen fourth!

We went for a bike ride yesterday.
 A 10.6 mile mountain bike ride,  up hills and down hills............
steep hills.
I had no business doing a ride like that after NOT having ridden like that in about a year....
When I got off my bike, the world span, and I just knew I I would pass out, vomit, and die.......
all at the same time.
Maybe I would have passed out into my vomit, and suffocated,  but my death would involve the three......I was sure of it.
I was so sure that when I got home and checked my blood sugar it would be extremely low,  after all, I had just worked my ass off.

I was wrong.  

It was extremely high....
411 to be exact.  At that level, your blood basically turns to syrup....I had no business pumping syrup through my heart....I coulda stroked!!!
(A stroked Choleesa may not be too entertaining......)
I guess its just time for me to get my shit straight,  or I may really end up dead, or worse.
(Im thinking I HAVE to type up a cheat sheet for the hubby,  damn the stubbornness,  I want him to be able to do something for me......should it be medically necessary)

I am mourning  the loss of my  forbidden lover (better known as carbs)   I have betrayed the love of my life......betrayed with my philandering  body.

And as if that wasnt a bad enough way to spend my independence kitchen sink backed up.

Right around dusk,  when we were trying to decide whether or not we would go watch fireworks.....(not such a big debate anymore since both my kids are grown,  and neither of them were home with us)

We never got to make that decision,  the sink backed up,  the pipes under the sink separated  (much like me and my lover)  and nasty stanky CHUNKY water went everywhere.
I spent a good deal of my night LISTENING to fireworks, and mopping up dank water, and plunging a backed up sink.

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  1. I heard, "a well endowed woman caint sleep on her back, them thangs done been creeped up around yo neck when you asleep and strangle da hell outcha."

  2. Feed some Thai food to your sink. It'll be running again in no time.

  3. Ewwww, gross with the sink! That could almost guarantee a vomit and pass out, even if the other didn't!

  4. I hate when things like that need doing - the other day I had to clean out the guttering that was all clogged up once I freed the block I got covered in filthy water that was backed up - my wife of course just stood on the lawn roaring with laughter!

  5. Hey Cho, you take care of yourself. There ain't that many hot blog chicks that are as funny as you. And tell hubby to take a few minutes and learn something that could be the most important thing he's ever learned.


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