Thursday, July 12, 2012

Southern California Cuisine

well, our temperature has dropped, however the humidity has sky rocketed.

Do you KNOW what humidity does to my hair?

 Yup,  thats about what my hair looks like right now...a wild unruly mess of tangles...........

Im not sure if Id rather fry to death or boil to death.........

Fried Choleesa, could be dipped in some sort of sauce, something spicy.........  fitting of my personality.

Boiled Choleesa..  maybe you could throw in a few potatoes, and have some Choleesa stew.........


My "soggy from sweat"  foot slipped right out of my sandal, where I then proceeded to trip over front of our snarky shipping department...
(how the hell are you gonna be snarky when you package va jay jays all day??  Just askin)

She looked at me with pity, as if I just got off the short bus.  Stupid bitch.


  1. I think we are one of the most humid places on earth in the summer. Schwetty Balls is not just a Saturday Night Live skit around here.

  2. Now THAT'S the kind of humidity I have to deal with all the time. Yep, never a good hair day! (It's still sitting on 89%, here)

  3. I'd like to see the soggy from sweat foot please.

  4. I'll take Fried Cho-Cho please, with a side of honey mustard....

  5. I'll take the sweaty Cho Cho with lemon butter on the butt and breasts and a tad of spank on the thighs. Make mine to go please in a plain unmarked brown wrapping.


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