Friday, July 20, 2012

Speaking of prudes....

On one of my trips into the bathroom and seeing my underwear glare at me,  I got to wondering why I wasnt too embarassed.
I wasnt em-bare-assed at all actually.
 I was more miffed that I shoulda stayed in the thong....
amazing how granny panties crawl up my ass far more than a thong does....

The rest of the broads in my family guard their not so much.

So I got to wondering where I got this total openness from???

I dont have any secrets really, cause for some reason I feel the need to tell the blogoshpere everything. (and if I havent told y'all yet...its only a matter of time)

Why do some people find ............for instance.............underwear discussions to be a private matter??  We ALL wear them, unless you go which case, Im assuming that you are "open" to anything.

I am just wondering what makes one person keep their dirty laundry in the hamper, and another person air it for the world??

I once played a drunk game in a houseboat on the river....a kind of truth AND dare type mixed company....and without getting too specific, lap dancing, streaking down the pier, and some skinny dipping was involved.....  (not saying I did all of the listed...........not saying I didnt do all of the listed.............oh who am I kidding,  I did MOST of the listed........) and my truths -  I told whatever I was asked. 
However, a fellow houseboat guest was asked for her truth about  her first sexual encounter, just the generals......didnt have to be SPECIFIC......and she clammed up, turned red, and told us that was way too personal, and she wouldnt discuss it...........

What the hell??
You DONT agree to play a game of THAT sort just to get all prudish when asked about your first time......Hell,  its YOUR FIRST special could it have been....two horny kids on their parents bed while ditching science class.....oh the shame!!

Up until that moment I really did like the girl........but I had a REAL problem with her watching the rest of us play,  and then pulling THAT out of her ass......


  1. Here's what I don't get...

    When folks - ok, women folks - go to the Gyno and take off their clothes, most of them hide their panties in or under their clothes.

    What is that?!?! Your cooch is up for all the world to see, but don't let em see your cotton drawers.

    So silly.

  2. I can't say anything... I'm a prude.

  3. Hell, I love under pants stories, and so do my boxers.

  4. I think I am a prude now - didn't mean to be just seem to have become one with age :-)

  5. Yeah - prunes give me the squirts, too.

    Oh. You said "PRUDES".....

  6. I hope everyone shamed that girl!

    And granny panties are the worst.

  7. You inspired me to write a post.

  8. definitely not cool. you gotta know what the hell you are getting into when you sit down for a rousing game of truth or dare...

  9. As for being prudish, I think society and our parents have a great deal to do with how open we are about our bodies, our sexual activities, and how willing we are to discuss them.

    For something that is so natural and so much fun, it's too bad that we can be so inhibited over them...



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