Monday, August 6, 2012

Clarified Butter, and Dilda.

Fellow Bloggers,  just to clear this up.  I am NOT LITERALLY starving myself.
I am just eating a reduced number of calories, which has left me extremely unsatisfied, I am hungry  because I have gotten used to eating whenever and whatever I want,  so this scheduled diet of reduced calories has left me hungry.  

I am not malnourished, nor am I fainting from hunger.......Im just hungry damn it!!!

Now that we've cleaned that up.......

I was visited by my best friend since high school.  
She came all the way from Iowa.....she showed up at my job to take me out to lunch....

Do you wanna know what her real reason for coming to my workplace was?????

She wanted to see the person!!!


  1. Well hell, if I was coming to visit you I'd DEFINITELY want to see this woman in person too!

    And, I know you aren't starving yourself - even if it feels like it now. You are doing what you NEED to do.

  2. Replies
    1. Ha!! the inconsiderate Dilda had the nerve to be on vacation.

  3. I think with the eating you'll get used to the new norm sooner or later and it'll be ok... hopefully

  4. shoot, if i visited i wouldn't bother going to your house, i'd just want to go to work with you. ;)

  5. Haha. Who is Dilda?

    And I drink tons of water. Keeps me from getting super hungry.

  6. After reading back in your blog about Dilda, she sounds like something... er... someone to be seen.

    Too bad she was gone...


  7. Glad your not starving. I'm sure Dilda is worth the trip as long as you take your friend out drinking.


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