Thursday, August 9, 2012

I feel the earth move, under my feet, I see the sky come tumbling down...

Earthquakes,  I hate them.

I can remember the first earthquake I ever felt.

We had just moved into our house, and I was in  6th grade.  I was sitting on the couch with my parents, and the earth moved.
I think I was just too stupid to be scared.  I looked up at the hanging plant, and watched it sway........
I couldnt tell you the magnitude, or the Epicenter...I was too stupid to care.
It was a swayer

No biggie.

Fast forward two school years to the Whittier Narrows Earthquake.....  That one was a 5.9.  I was in eighth grade, and I was terrified!!!!
I freaked out,  and started telling the entire classroom that I was not ready to die as I was still a virgin..

NO bullshit,  I cried, I panicked and I declared my wish to die a slut. And I refused to come out from under my desk.

That earthquake had a 5.6 after shock....
That one was a shaker

The next real earthquake I remember is the Landers Earthquake,  my son was 6 months old, and this earthquake was a biggie...a 7.3.

I grabbed my son darted for the doorway, and I prayed out loud. 
Baby daddy says that was the first time he knew that I actually believed in much for getting to know me before I put out....(Mustve been my mission to die a slut.)
Thankfully that one was centered out in the desert, so damage wasnt as bad as it could have been...but it still scared the shit out of me.
This was a jolt and then a shake.

Then there was the Northridge earthquake....

I was living in an upstairs apartment at that time, and that one felt HUGE!!!
I thought it was the big one...I   grabbed my kid and ran the for the doorway....I actually sustained injury in this one.
I had one of them wall hanging things from Home was a vine of leaves with fell off the wall near the doorway where I was and sliced right down my right hand index finger...I still have a scar.

That one was scary on a level that made all previous shakers seem like a warm bath....
That one was a scary ass earthmover...there are no words to describe it...
They say this one had "
unusually strong ground accelerations"
Most earthquakes start with a can hear the rumble coming right before you feel a slight sway,  then it gets more intense, then dies back down to a slow sway and stops...
This one began with a bang, and went straight to "I can actually feel the earth move" violent shakes....

The sound an earthquake makes is also pretty terrifying.

Before an earthquake,  animals are usually extremely "vocal"..theyre trying to tell you something....but immediatly before,  right before it strikes..........silence.  Dead quiet.  then you hear the rumble coming........or if its a biggie,  its more of a sonic boom...........then the rumble.

Did I mention that earthquakes terrify me??


  1. So how many dates did you get after that declaration?

    1. I was a late bloomer,,,,that declaration did absolutely nothing to inspire interest in me...go figure.

  2. That's been my biggest fear of visiting California... my luck stinks. Just as sure as I got there, Cali would have THE BIG ONE and fall off into the ocean. I'm sure of it. No worries... I'm staying put, right here, to devote my worries to hurricanes. That's plenty for me.

  3. I didn't realize they named earthquakes; hmmmm. You can keep that fabulous weather I keep hearing about; I much prefer that the ground stay still. At least with hurricanes we get some kind of warning.

  4. My brother lives there, L.A.
    I worry about him every time you guys have an earthquake. Here in the southeast, we have sever storms, but we usually know they are coming. The whole out loud the blue thing scares me to no end.

  5. Why does so much of the worlds population live on or close to fault lines and/or volcanoes? Always been a puzzle to me...

  6. Did you get a pet for a warning system? I was watching the Word Series during the Northridge earthquake. It was scary. I was in my parents house an hour from the coast when Hurricane Hugo hit. Weather can be a scary bitch.

  7. "that one felt HUGE!!!
    I thought it was the big one"

    It was annnnnd.....that was me. xoxo

  8. too bad there isn't a weather channel for earthquakes so you can see it and prepare the best you can.


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