Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is it asking too much??

While browsing the internet,  I came across this,  and I agree whole heartedly....
just sayin..............

1. Respect the Sanctity of Marriage
Put your marriage first. Whether you are religious or not, some things are just sacred.  Families are built on a bedrock foundation of trust, love and fidelity.

2. Be Her Sounding Board
Listen to what your wife has to say.

3. Show Respect and Withhold Judgement
Most likely (HOPEFULLY!) you respected your spouses  intelligence and capabilities when you married her. You should continue to do that. Women want to feel respected and cherished.

4. Know When to Make it About You
Every marriage should be built on the premise of making it about your spouse first. There are times, however, when an individual’s needs must be met before they can be capable of helping others.

5. Word Hard and Work Smart
Women are attracted to men who are able providers, protectors, and nurturers. They want a man who can and will be an able partner in life.

6. Be A Leader
  Set a good example of what you want from your spouse.  Treat your spouse how you expect to be treated.

7. Be Affectionate
 Women need to feel loved and cared about.

8. Care About Her Well Being
Not all of you will have to live with having a spouse who is chronically ill.... but you will have to deal with illness, injury, and emotional distress.
You should care about how your wife is feeling.
She is delicate and sensitive.
She needs to be cared for and it is your responsibility to do so.

9. Be Generous and Fair
Make sure that your wife is cared for and not deprived.
Buy her treats and presents.

10. Think Like a Team
You are a team working towards a common goal. Find out each others goals,  and work towards achieving them together.

Hey men.....just remember..........she's a lady.........whoa whoa whoa she's a lady..........always treat her with respect.............what she's got is hard to find...........


  1. Amen! AND, on #7... don't wait until it's bedtime to be affectionate. Most women aren't as quick in that department, as men. Start prepping early and often! It works out much better in the long run, than slam, bam, thank you ma'am.

  2. This is all very lady-centric. Where is the stuff about listening to what your husband has to say?

  3. 11. Marry a hot looking blind def mute. (Kidding)

  4. Barfly's pretty well got it down, lol.

    You also left out "Love and fondle each breast EQUALLY".

  5. If I bought my wife an unexpected gift I know how that will go...

    "Why have you bought this? What have you been up to?"

    "Nothing love"

    "Nothing - I bet!"

    etc. etc. ;-)

  6. Go get it all on your man hater coffee mug.


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