Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New look

Hey guys....did I mention I got a hair cut??

I did...

I also got some cute new glasses...

Ugh, what a vain post, sounds like something that a 13 year old girl would blog about....but I  AM feeling a little childish today.

Doctor said I should alternate glasses and contacts due to the diabetes being a vascular ....blah blah blah...bottom line, my eyes will appreciate the alternation...  (Is that even a word??)  and if I gotta be four eyes, then two of them are going to be brand named damn it....

And they are...

I sprung for the COACH frames...
(ok, actually it wasnt too much of a spring,  since I HAVE been going to the same optometrist since I was in 6th grade...she HOOKED me up with a FANTASTIC discount...)

Also, I have adjusted to eating less.........
at least I am no longer growling at people...
unless someone with REAL food walks by....

But, I have gotten my numbers down to a consistent ~ 200 range  +/- ....
not ideal, but better than it was....
Now I just need to get back to the gym.


  1. Replies
    1. Why thank you Barfly!!!
      Sweet talker.

    2. Blush (BTW, I'm not one-upping you on the sunglasses...or the haircut..nice)

  2. Replies
    1. why you trying to out do me??

      did I mention that mine are transitional...so in reality I also got some Coach sunglasses...
      neener neener neeeeener.

    2. Mine are transitional as well, so in reality I got some Oakley sunglasses with iridium t240 glare resistant, scratch free plutonite lenses. Suck me.

  3. Hey ! Lower the camera so MY eyes will appreciate the alternation !

    1. ahhhh, quite the handful Colonel ChestHams....
      You and I both!

  4. They suit you. And that is a serious looking fringe.

  5. Nice hair cut and glasses! And way to go on bringing those numbers down! (Why, yes, I have decided to be your personal cheering squad).

    1. Thank you Gigi, I am honored to have you cheering for me.

  6. I have regular Coach glasses and Coach Sunglasses. Just sayin'.....
    Alas, I do not have your legs or beauty and you are also winning the blood sugar numbers too.
    I give up. Peace.

  7. Gotta tell ya - I think glasses are cool, and sexy as hell on guys! Gotta be the right frames, though. You made a great choice. Good luck!
    Thanks for visiting me over at LightenUp! Followed back.

  8. I love your hair & your glasses! Just gorgeous.

  9. I heard new look and came running expecting to see boobies!

    But I suppose a haircut and glasses will have to do....for now!


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