Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The view from here.

While my friend was here,  I took her down to the Tiki Bar....(one of my favorite places)....and I sat her on a "special" stool.

The Tiki bar has a few stools that are on some kind of hydraulic system.....(I found this out from personal experience.)

The bartenders wait for you to start drinking,  and oh so slowly,  they start to lower you........so slowly that you dont notice that you are sinking....until you are eye level with the bar.....

She was only one drink in when they started lowering her.

BFF:   "something is wrong with my chair"

Choleesa:  "whats wrong with it?"
BFF: "Im lower than you are"

Choleesa: "no your not"

a few minutes later.....

BFF: "my chair is BROKEN"

Choleesa: "must be your big ass that did it" (she is by no means fat)

BFF: "my ass aint that big"

Choleesa: "I beg to differ"

Other bar patron who is also eye level with the bar: "my chair is broken too"

BFF: "What the hell?"

Other bar patron who is also eye level with the bar: "for what they charge, you would THINK they could afford to fix their fucking chairs"

Choleesa:" (howls with laughter)

The guy next to me said: "I was in that chair earlier and I think its broken"

aaaaahhhh,  sometimes, it takes SO LITTLE to entertain me.


  1. Brilliant.... sadly we no longer have the high breakfast bar having ripped that out we now have a table... but I so should have had one of these then!

  2. That's classic. Do they raise it slowly if a midget sits there?

    1. actually, if you continue to sit on it, they do raise it slowly.


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