Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You say tomaTOE ~ I say toMAHto

My boss asked me to photograph his tomatoes...

Why?  you ask..............
 Cause my tomato photographs are fucking awesome............thats why.
so he brought in a whole assortment of tomatoes....Im gonna take them home, and get out the big girl camera.....and take me some mo-fo-photos!!!!

I havent really been too excited about taking pictures lately,  but for some reason, these colorful tomatoes inspire me!!!


  1. I liked it better the other day when your hubby took a picture of YOUR tomatoes, LMAO !!

    1. Certainly can't argue with this logic...


  2. These are great! Can't wait to see what you can do with the big girl camera!

  3. I'm a toMAHto person clearly from where I live!

    How do you get to be a recognised tomato photographer? Heck of a unique niche you've carved out there in the world frankly... ;-)

  4. Hey Cho, you sure got some nice firm round fruits there...I wish I could squeeze them.

  5. i could make a lewd joke about offering to photograph YOUR tomatoes, but im too classy for that

  6. Sweet. Take s picture of you holding a tomato. And pretending to eat it. While giving a thumbs up.

    (You'll have to use a timer)


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