Thursday, September 27, 2012

Im afeard.

I have been absent a while....

I really have no excuse other than I was lazy.

I went to the doctors on Monday....did lab work, and later on today,  I get to find the results.

Im gonna be honest with y'all,  Im a little scared.  I have been trying to behave,  but Im afraid it may be one of those cases of too little too late.

Before, when I used to misbehave,  I didnt feel the consequences,  sure- my blood sugars would read high,  but physically,  I did not feel it.

But lately,  I have been feeling it.  Which is why I started behaving,  but my blood sugars arent dropping to where they should be,  and I dont even know what that means.

Am I gonna end up with a pump permanently attached to my body???
That scares the shit out of me....and I am adamantly against it.  I do not want that. I guess I should have thought of that sooner.

And of course, in my scared state,  my mind shoots to the absolute worst case scenario.....will I end up on dialysis??
Will I one day need some sort of transplant? 
Who the hell is going to give me a part of their body? 
Who's body part would I be willing to accept?
Not some strangers...cause thats just gross. 
And not a family member,  they may need it one day..

ok,  Im gonna go find my mommy now...........


  1. So are you OK? What are the results?

    1. I go to the doctors in a few hours...Ill let you know. Thanks for asking.

  2. I hope everything is alright - I'm sure it won't be as bad as you possibly fear

  3. I guess this is the wrong time to offer you a body part.....

    Good luck with everything !

  4. Good luck! Wishing you acceptable results.

  5. These days I'm always terrified to go to the doctor; always fearing the worst. I hope your results come back much better than you expect. Please let us know.

  6. Heff stole my line. I have a friend that has one of the permenat attachment thingys. She's hot too so it won't take away from anything, when I first met her I thought it was an ipod. I later told her once I found out what it was, she thought it was hilarious.

    1. thats funny. When I first got my ipod, everyone thought that it was some sort of medical device since it was always attached to me

  7. I'm sorry. I hope you get a workable, doable option.


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