Friday, September 28, 2012

The results are in.

ok,  good news first.

I did not leave the doctors with anything permanently attached to me.
I do not have to start scouring the earth for spare body parts.
And I do not have to go to dialysis three times a week .
In fact,  for the most part I am in ok condition.
My blood pressure is perfect!
My LDL cholesterol reading was where it should be,  and my HDL cholesterol levels are excellent.
All my body parts are functioning as they should,  and I have not yet inflicted any permanent damage to my innards..

The bad news....
My A1C  levels were not good.

Brief lesson: 
is a form of hemoglobin that is measured primarily to identify the average plasma glucose concentration over prolonged periods of time.)
Normal A1C levels for non-diabetics is 4-5.6%
Recommended  A1C levels for Type II diabetics is 6.5-7%

My history:
Five years ago...
I had lost ALOT of weight within a few months.  Rapid weight loss is NOT pretty.  Your skin and muscles cannot keep up and everything just drops....I looked like a crack whore....seriously...
(I will try and find a picture.)
My hair was falling out by the handful,  and just walking up the stairs kicked my ass.
It was a week before Christmas/my birthday,  I finally went in to see the doctor, who told me right off the bat that she suspected diabetes....two days later the test results came back.
She said:  "Choleesa,  I need you to come in my office right away,  and have someone bring you if possible" 

Ok,  if she was trying to scare the shit out of me...she succeeded.

She explained my results to me.  My A1C level was at 14.5% , my glucose reading was at 514, and I was SEVERELY dehydrated.  She wanted to hospitalize me.
I refused. 
I was not spending Christmas in the way Jose.

I was sent to a diabetes specialist who showed me pictures of gangrenous legs, and amputated feet. Literally,  pictures of  amputated feet,  severed from the leg, and sitting on a table....just the discolored foot..........and pictures of infected wounds, ooozing with God knows what......
 And immediately after, I was sent next door to the  nutritionist, who brought out plastic food and showed me what MY plate should look like.  Yeah, as if I would ever eat again after those pictures...

3 months later, I went back in for another A1C test.....(three months of basically eating like a caveman, and exercising like an anorexic)  and my test results came back at 6.4%  (Choleesa raised arms and did the "Rocky at the top of the stairs" dance)  Stay on that path, and I may be able to get off all meds...

Fast Forward to yesterday...............

My A1C results......

(Am I boring you??  I usually try to avoid the really long winded posts,  cause I know people just up and hit the "X" button in the top right hand corner, cause its just too damned least that is what I do)

My A1C results.................................11.5%.....
ok,  I cried.
Because my doctor did the dramatic thing....she started me at the beginning, when I was at my worst,  and read back comments I had made back then.... (she takes EXCELLENT notes) and the progress I had made.
I once was doing so good.... I was once so DETERMINED to beat this thing,  I was strong enough to do so much improvement in such a short period of time.......I was determined to live a long HEALTHY life.

Then she "informed/reminded" me of the here if interested.

What has happened to me that I no longer value my health??

Anyways,  I guess this is sort of a second chance...that I am not permanently damaged, and that my levels can still be improved...  I dont know that I get a third chance.  So I guess I gotta make some changes....

And MORE bad news: Note Sunday, Monday & Tuesday......  Fall my ass.


  1. Prepare for DEFINITE comment from BamaTrav asking if HE can "damage your innards" !

  2. Congratulations on not being at death's door, or comatose. That's a plus and gives you the opportunity to work with it!

  3. Look at it as all good news. Those numbers were just your reminder.

  4. Very interested as I have II diabetes also. But I am I the only one who couldn't read anything after...."fall, my ass." due to there being some box with a ten day forcast in it?

  5. You can do it Cho! You are strong and smart.

  6. Glad to hear that things went well.

  7. :0( i hope that you can stay on top of your health from here on out. my husband's Aunt had diabetes, and she was one of the ones who eventually went blind and ended up dying because of the gangrenous infection in her legs. :0( Glad you caught it in time to improve. :0) sorry about your weather... i think i would die if it was 108 in fall.

  8. I would ask if I could damage you innerds but, we both know that I could. XO

  9. Good news. I hope you get it working well for you.

  10. You can beat this, might not be easy but life isn't about easy. It's about how you go at it.


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